Resources for Staff

This page provides links  to resources about teaching mathematics and use of mathematical software.

  • Effective use of Zoom for Teaching Mathematics - observations and suggestions for what works when teaching online. Specifically aimed at teaching in a numerical/mathematical context. These pages can also be downloaded as a single pdf file here.
  • Teaching students maths so they learn: constructing mental models in mathematics -  why do otherwise good students have difficulty learning mathematics and numeracy concepts? These pages  give an overview of the problems and  some suggestions for ways of overcoming them. This can also be downloaded as a single pdf file here.
  • Numbas support pages (staff login required) - getting started with the Numbas assessment system
  • Mathematical Terminology - this page gives links to a number of resources which may be helpful in explaining mathematical terminology to students. It is also available directly to students in the Support and Resources section of the MESH site.