MESH has many resources designed to assist with maths and stats relevant to engineering students.


MESH runs regular workshops for the engineering maths core units, Mathematics for Engineers Preliminary, Mathematics for Engineers 1 and Mathematics for Engineers 2. Information about times for these workshops can be found on our Events page during session.

Library Roving

MESH tutors are available in six of the Western Sydney University libraries. They can usually be found in the Study Smart zone at the advertised times. Click here for the Library Roving timetable.

Online Help

An online maths help line, "I Don't Get It" where students can post non-assessment questions about maths problems and receive help from MESH staff within one business day.

Engineering Maths Resources

There are many mathematics related resources available which may be useful to your studies in engineering. Some of these are:

Other Resources

Other resources that may be useful during your engineering studies include:

  • Maths Start workshop materials - these materials are those used in the MESH workshops at the start of each year. (vUWS login required)
  • Improve Your Maths - provides refresher material for a wide variety of mathematics and statistics topics (vUWS login required)