Events, Workshops and Programs

The MESH team run a number of events, workshops and programs. Each semester, there will be a number of workshops tailored to units and Library roving amongst other programs. Access information about what is currently available below:

MESH Team Roving Western Sydney University Libraries

Do you need a second chance in understanding the mathematics and/or statistics needed for your studies? Help is at hand from the Mathematics Education Support Hub (MESH) team!
The MESH team will be roving our libraries during the Summer 2016 Semester. Library roving begins in week 1, with the MESH team available at the indicated times.
Library roving will conclude for Summer semester at the start of the Exam period. 

Details of the library roving program for Autumn 2017 will be posted here by the first week of semester. 

Library Location Days Available
Bankstown Campus Library No roving during summer
Campbelltown Campus Library No roving during summer
Hawkesbury Campus Library No roving during summer
Penrith Campus Library Thursday 11 am - 3 pm
Parramatta Campus Library Thursday  11 am - 3 pm                                                            

Improve Your Maths Site - vUWS

Student in Library

Access the Improve Your Maths Site at any time via vUWS. Many students have areas of maths and statistics in need of development. This site can assist you to identify these areas and then develop your understanding. It is particularly helpful for gaining the assumed knowledge of first year maths and statistics subjects (algebra, number plane, functions, pythagoras, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, probability, numeracy, calculators, and more).

Access the Improve Your Maths vUWS Site (student log-in required).

I Don't Get It 

Do you ever get halfway through a maths related problem in the middle of the night and have a mental block about the next step? Wish you could ask someone about it before you forget where you up to?

Introducing "I Don't Get It", a maths help forum located in the Improve Your Maths vUWS site. Post your maths related problem (along with some details of where you've gotten with it) to a new thread in the forum and a MESH team member will get back to you within one working day with some help.

Maths Start Bridging Program

Maths Start prepares students for mathematics and statistics at university with free workshops running between 30 January and 18 February 2017. The workshops teach you the algebra, statistics, trigonometry or calculus which you may need before starting your studies in Autumn session.

New students and also current students with a weak mathematical background who will be studying mathematical or statistical units in Autumn or Spring 2017 should attend Maths Start. Maths Start is your first step to success – don't miss this only opportunity in 2017 to do Maths Start.

If you are not sure which workshop to do, take two minutes now to determine which Maths Start Workshops are best for you!

Maths Start is a program of two and three day workshops covering:

Bridging Program Dates: Time: Room and Campus: Register:

Algebra 1: The basics of algebra for those who haven't studied algebra for some time or need to review the basics

30 Jan - 1 Feb 2017 9.00am - 3.00pm each day EB.G.02
Parramatta South campus

Statistics: The concepts of statistical thinking plus a brief introduction to the use of computers for statistical calculation 

2 -3 February 2017

9.00am - 3.00pm each day

Parramatta South campus


Algebra 2: More advanced topics in algebra including equations, graphs, functions and concepts of exponentials and logarithms

6 - 8 February 2017 9.00am - 3.00pm each day K.1.04
Kingswood campus

Trigonometry: A refresher on high school trigonometry, introduction to radian measure and a brief introduction to applications of trigonometry

9 - 10 February 2017 9.00am - 3.00pm each day K.1.04
Kingswood campus

Calculus: A brief introduction to differential and integral calculus for those who have not met the concepts in their high school courses or need to review the basics

17 - 18 February 2017

9 .00am - 3.00pm each day

Kingswood campus 

Registration is essential - Register online for the Maths Start Bridging Programs

Numeracy for Education Workshops

The Numeracy for Education workshops have concluded for this semester. Visit this page early next semester for information about the next series of workshops. Additional numeracy resources are available through the Improve Your Maths, Maths Start and School of Education Numeracy Support vUWS sites. Note that a student log-in is needed for all of these sites. If they don't appear in your list of vUWS sites, please contact MESH for access.

In Session Unit Specific Workshops

These workshops target specific first (and some second) level units that involve quantitative content - examples of the extensive number of units targeted are Statistics for Business, Quantitative Thinking, Biomechanics and Mathematics for Engineers Preliminary. Information about these workshops will be added here once semester commences.

If you have any questions about the Workshops, Events and Programs listed above, email