Grade Centre

What is Grade Centre?

Grade Centre is our university-wide grading and resulting system: your one-stop-shop for collating and weighting student exams and assessment results. As part of the new Student Management System (SMS), all academics at Western Sydney University are required to use Grade Centre in day-to-day practice.

Get the most out of Grade Centre!

At Western, we aim to ensure academics have access to efficient and user-friendly grading and resulting systems, and the right training to get the most out of these systems.

That is why Information Technology and Digital Services (ITDS), Learning Futures, and Specialist Application Systems (SAS) are collaborating to help you upskill in all things Grade Centre and answer any questions you might have about this tool.

How can I learn more?

Learning Futures and SAS are here to help with any questions, resources, or training you need to get the most out of Grade Centre.

- Learning Futures and SAS workshops: click here for a list of upcoming Q&A drop-in sessions about Grade Centre and Preparing your Grade Centre for Mark Transfer to Banner workshops.

- Workshop recordings: click here for access to recorded workshops about Marking and Feedback, including a session on Preparing your Grade Centre for Mark Transfer to Banner and the presentation slides from this session.

- PDF resources from workshops

- Knowledge-Base Articles