Learning Futures Workshop Schedule

Welcome to the Learning Futures Workshop Schedule page!

This page will be update regularly with registration details about mainstream workshops.

For online workshops, Zoom registration will be required. You can register by clicking the appropriate link.

For face-to-face workshops, you will be directed to MyCareer Online to register through that system.

The workshops are categorised into 7 categories:

  • Assessment Design and Delivery (AD&D)
  • Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL)
  • Teaching Practice (TP)
  • Marking and Feedback (M&F)
  • Unit Design and Delivery (UD&D)
  • Learning Analytics (LA)
  • Accessibility (Acc)

Workshop Schedule

Click the Zoom ID link of the workshop to register!

Cat.WorkshopDateTime Zoom ID
TP Blackboards Discussion Boards and Journals Thu. 18/8 11:00AM- 12:00PM 89528413172
TELBasic Image Editing in PhotoshopWed. 24/811:30AM- 12:30PM87235873646

What is a Focus Group?

WSU and Learning Futures regularly explore new software and technology options throughout the year. There is a product development lifecycle that runs from initial scoping through proof of concept, to piloting and institution-wide trialing and full-scale adoption.

As part of the product development lifecycle, we need to gather feedback and other recommendations from our key stakeholders—you!

These focus groups are an important tool for engaging with stakeholders to ensure the programs and tools we incorporate into our digital teaching and learning ecosystem meet student and staff needs.

Focus groups are information gathering sessions, not workshops. They are an opportunity for us to learn together about new and exciting software and other products, and they are an opportunity for you to contribute to the digital direction of the University. You can learn more about the focus groups on offer here:

The Drawing Board Focus Group

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Overview: The Drawing Board a new project, currently in development for an online lesson builder solution for teaching academics. With a non-linear workflow with multiple entry points and opportunities for sharing and collaboration, The Drawing Board will become a key tool for assisting teaching academics in preparing their lesson plans.

Session focus and outcomes: The Drawing Board is currently in the prototype phase, allowing for feedback from teaching staff to define the final release product. The focus of this workshop is to identify the language and information categories for the system that align with academic nomenclature and preferred workflows. The outcome for the session is a defined direction in the language used and workflow that aligns with current processes.


CustomH5P Focus Group

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Overview: Custom Made H5P (CMH5P) is an in-house LTI tool for creating interactive objects that can be used to enhance subject material. CMH5P allows instructors to update, copy, download and share objects for reuse across subjects and disciplines.

Session focus and outcomes: The Custom Made H5P platform is ready for release soon. This workshop is about finding new templates and ideas for H5P interactives that are relevant for your students plus can be reused and scaled into as many schools as possible.


If you have any issues registering, please contact Learning Futures: learningfutures@westernsydney.edu.au (opens in a new window),