Emergency recovery

After an emergency is may be necessary for the scene to be preserved to allow for an external investigation. For information on whether a scene needs to be preserved, contact the WHS unit or Campus Safety and Security.

Re-entering a building

Once a building has been evacuated, re-occupation of the building can be authorised by the emergency controller and/or an external emergency services representative.

In determining the suitability of the area to be re-occupied and to resume normal operations the following factors should taken into consideration:

  • Any hazards and the ongoing health and safety of occupants
  • Advice regarding the structural integrity and/or serviceability of buildings and/or equipment
  • Any subsequent potential emergencies if operations are re-instituted
  • The need to preserve the scene if there is to be a subsequent investigation by police and/or SafeWork NSW.

Where applicable and appropriate the decision to re-occupy and/or commence operations will be taken in consultation with staff.

Trauma counselling

Managers and supervisors should inform affected workers of the Universities employee assistance program, and refer staff to counselling as required.


At the first practicable opportunity following the conclusion of an emergency, but no later than 48 hours after the emergency, the responsible manager and/or supervisor must ensure that a report regarding the emergency and organisational response is sent to the Emergency Planning Committee.


Within 7 days of the conclusion of the emergency, the Emergency Planning Committee will conduct a formal review of the events and processes affecting the emergency to ensure that the Emergency Management Plan remains appropriate and competent.

Where deficiencies or weaknesses are identified, a written strategy will be developed to rectify these together with a timeframe.

This review will involve debriefing relevant personnel and compiling an appropriate report for the Emergency Planning Committee.