R U OK? Day

R U OK? Day is being celebrated across campuses on Thursday 13 September

R U OK Day is back in 2018

What is R U OK?

R U OK? Day is a national suicide prevention campaign that aims to encourage everyone to start a conversation by asking their friends, family and colleagues "Are you OK?" This simple but powerful question lets the people in our lives know that they are important to us, and creates a sense of connectedness for all in the community.

R U OK? is an organisation committed to helping reduce distress by empowering people to make a difference, encouraging open and honest conversation, while driving a real connection between people. The organisation's aim is to inspire all Australians to recognise that they can make a positive impact by connecting with their friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Each year, more than 2,300 Australians suicide and an estimated 65,000 people attempt suicide each year. Suicide is the biggest killer of Australians aged 15 to 34 years. R U OK? Day is an essential part of the effort to reduce these figures by encouraging meaningful conversations with friends, family and colleagues.

R U OK? Day @ Western

As part of Western Sydney University’s ongoing commitment to promoting the health and wellbeing of all our staff and students, we encourage staff and students to start a conversation and take part in our campus events and through smaller team events. Events are a great way to bring people together to see the power of conversation, learn R U OK?’s four conversation steps, connect and get to know one another a little better.

In 2018, R U OK? Day campus events are being coordinated by the Mental Health and Wellbeing Promotions Team and their Student Ambassadors in partnership with Student Representation and Participation, Work, Health and Safety Unit, Campus Life, Student Support Services, Western Food Services and staff and student volunteers from multiple schools.

Join a campus event

On Thursday 13 September from 11am, events will be hosted simultaneously across eight of our campuses. This year’s event is all about commUNIty – we encourage everyone to make a friend, bring a friend, or be a friend.

All staff and students are invited to join our campus events and start the conversation! Come along to enjoy the company of your peers and the fun activities facilitated by 2018 Mental Health and Wellbeing Student Ambassadors and staff and student volunteers.

Locations of the RU OK? Day Campus Events are as follows:

R U OK? Day events will be delivered from 11:00am – 2.30pm at the following locations:

  • Bankstown: Outside Building 1
  • Campbelltown: Outside Building 4 (Ceremonial Lawns)
  • Hawkesbury: Stable Square
  • Kingswood: Outside Building T (Library lawns)
  • Parramatta South: The Hub Precinct
  • Parramatta City Campus: Level 1
  • Liverpool Campus: Level 1
  • Nirimba: Between Building U10 and U11

Staff and students on our smaller campuses and clinical schools can also participate in the conversation through activation packs that will be delivered and set up in student common areas.

For more information on student facing health promotion initiatives on campus please join our students Facebook page: Western Sydney U – Mental Health and Wellbeing

Host an R U OK? Day staff team event

Register for an R U OK? Day staff morning tea pack for 13 September!

The University encourages staff to take the time to connect with colleagues by hosting a morning or afternoon tea within your Unit/School and asking, 'Are you ok?'

To support these conversations, Work, Health and Safety have sponsored a limited number of FREE RU OK? Day staff packs. Packs contain an assortment of savory bites, fresh fruit, slices and other treats, as well as a chocolate mindfulness kit, and useful mental health and wellbeing resources. Packs are offered as a contribution; additional catering may be required for teams greater than 10 persons.

RU OK? Day Staff Packs will be provided to the first 10 teams per campus, to register their morning/afternoon tea event. To register for a pack, please email Jonathan Lee by 30 August. Please use the subject heading R U OK? Staff Pack.

RU OK? Day – Extended Promotion

RU OK? Day @ Western initiative encourages the continuations of conversations, that why we are making every month RU OK? Day month!

On the second Thursday of each month, we have partnered with Western Food Services to invite you to ‘keep the conversation going’. Check in with a friend, peer, colleague and take them for a cuppa and we will buy their cuppa for you, with our buy one get one free RU OK? Day cuppa* promotion.

The offer is valid for one regular cup of coffee/tea at the following participating Western Food Service outlets:

  • Bankstown: Bankstown Coffee Shop
  • Campbelltown: Coffee Cart, Bobbies Café
  • Hawkesbury: Kiosk Café, L2 Café
  • Nirimba: U4 Coffee Corner, Café 21 (Food court)
  • Parramatta South: The Bakehouse, River Café (Food court)
  • Kingwood: Bar Café
  • Werrington North: North Coffee Cart
  • Werrington South: Café South

Useful Tips for asking 'R U OK'?

Are you Ok?

  • Ask: "Are you OK?", making sure to let the person know that you have time to talk.
  • Listen: Be open-minded, non-judgmental and patient.
  • Encourage: Make suggestions that encourage physical health, self-care and professional help, if required.
  • Follow-up: Stay in touch. Genuine care and concern can make a real difference
  • More useful tips on asking RU OK? can be found on the R U OK? How to Ask website (opens in a new window)


  • For more R U OK? Day information and resources about R U OK? Day, visit the R U OK Day webpage .
  • To learn more about Free, confidential counselling available to all students, please visit the Counselling Service webpage or call 1300 668 370 to make an appointment
  • To learn more about the Employee Assistance Program, please visit EAP
  • For more information on the RU OK? Day @Western initiatives at Western, please contact Rowena Saheb , Mental Health and Wellbeing Promotions Coordinator or Andrea Earl , Mental Health and Wellbeing Student Assistant.