Overview of the Research Area

The research projects in Chemistry span Analytical, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistries. We have very well equipped synthesis laboratories with excellent modern instrumentation for chemical analysis. The Researchers have strong national and international collaboration with other universities and also with Industry.
Some of the current research areas are design, synthesis and characterisation of macromolecular and bioactive molecules, invention and development of new separation technologies, investigation of new materials for production of next generation batteries, isolation and characterisation of active molecules from natural products, forensic chemistry, advanced NMR spectroscopy, and use of new flow synthetic methods for optimisation of reactions.

More information on current Research Projects and potential Postgraduate Research Projects can be found under each of the specific staff pages. We welcome enquiries from both national and international students about our Postgraduate Research programs.



Professor Andrew Shalliker
Separation science,
(02) 96859951,

Professor Janice Aldrich-Wright
Design, synthesis and characterisation of bioactive molecules
(02) 46203218,

Associate Professor Gary Dennis
Separation Science, Physical Chemistry
(02) 9685 9939,

Associate Professor Kamali Kannangara
Materials Science, Organic Chemistry
(02) 9685 9952,

Associate Professor Paul Wormell
Electronic and Vibrational Spectroscopy, Physical Chemistry
(02) 9678 7464,

Dr Trevor Bailey
Inorganic Chemistry
(02) 4620 3213,

Dr Patrice Castignolles
Polymer Science, Separation Science
(02) 9685 9970,

Dr Marion Gaborieau
Biopolymers, Materials Chemistry, NMR Spectroscopy
(02) 9685 9905,

Dr Christopher Gordon
Organic, Medicinal, Flow Chemistry
(02) 4620 3201,

Dr Robert Kaziro
Physical Chemistry
(02) 4620 3207,

Dr Cheang Khoo
Analytical Chemistry
(02) 4620 3211,

Dr Feng Li
Metallo-supramolecular materials, molecular magnetism, Inorganic Chemistry
(02) 9685 9987,

Dr Narsimha Reddy
Bioactive Molecules Structure-activity relationship; NMR and MRI
(02) 9685 9925,

Dr Jason Reynolds
Biogeochemistry, Mineralogy
(02) 9685 9926,

Dr Richard Thomas
Forensic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
(02) 4570 1436,

Dr Mark Williams
Forensic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
(02) 4570 1539,

Dr Gang Zheng
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Physical Chemistry
(02) 4620 3729,

Potential Supervisors

To find a prospective HDR supervisor, please visit our Potential Supervisors page.

Current Research Candidates and Topics

Current Research Candidates and Topics

Dale Ang
Thesis: Structural Requirements for Selective Quadruplex DNA Binding
Supervised b: Janice Aldrich-Wright, Christopher Gordon

Aleksandra Bjelosevic
Thesis: Synthesizing Biologically Active Tetradentate Ligands
Supervised by: Janice Aldrich-Wright, Christopher Gordon, Allan Torres

Krishant Deo
Thesis: Strategies for Delivering Platinum (IV) Prodrugs to Cancer Cells
Supervised by: Janice Aldrich-Wright, Gang Zheng

Mitchell Kriss
Thesis: Synthesis of Ligands for Anticancer Metallointercallators Using Flow Cytometry
Supervised by: Janice Aldrich-Wright, Christopher Gordon

Li Li
Thesis: DNA Recognition and Drug Delivery using Metallo-Supramolecular Assemblies
Supervised by: Janice Aldrich-Wright, Chun Li, Leonard Lindoy

Neville Ng
Thesis: Some Studies of the Molecular and Cellular Interaction of Metallointercalators for Potential Application
Supervised by: Janice Aldrich-Wright, Ming Wu

Benjamin Pages
Thesis: Novel Synthesis and DNA Binding Analyses of Metallodrugs
Supervised by: Janice Aldrich-Wright, Gang Zheng, William Price

Paul Hathenbruck
Thesis: Gadolinium (111) Imine Complexes as Potential MRI Contrast Agents
Supervised by: Trevor Bailey, Cheang Khoo, Narsimha Reddy

Adam Sutton
Thesis: Characterisation of Double Hydrophilic Block Copolymers
Supervised by: Patrice Castignolles, Marianne Gaborieau, Feng Li

Alison Maniego
Thesis: PH-Responsive Smart Polymers for Anticancer Drug Delivery and Targeting
Supervised by: Marianne Gaborieau, Patrice Castignolles, Janice Aldrich-Wright

Joel Thevarajah
Thesis: Characterisation of Chitosan and its Films for Tissue Engineering
Supervised by: Marianne Gaborieau, Patrice Castignolles, Michael O'Connor

Michelle Toutounji
Thesis: Characterisation of Australian Rice and Breakfast Cereals for Digestibility and Calculation of In-Vitro Glycaemic Index
Supervised by: Marianne Gaborieau, Patrice Castignolles, Ashok Shrestha

Lawson Spare
Thesis: Developing Total Flow Synthetic Protocols to Produce [18F]-fluorine Labelled Pharmaceuticals and Biological Probes
Supervised by: Christopher Gordon, Janice Aldrich-Wright

Mitchell Low
Thesis: Phytoequivalence of Standardized Andrographis Paniculata Extracts: An In-depth Study of Molecular Immunomodulatory Effects Supervisors: Cheang Khoo, Gerald Muench

Jarryd Pearson
Thesis: Detection and Analysis of Selected Analytes in Curcuma Xanthorrhiza Supervisors: Cheang Khoo, Alan Bensoussan

Swastika Singh
Thesis: Chemical Characterisation and Study of Pharmacological and Biological Activity of the Chinese Herbs Supervisors: Cheang Khoo, Chun Li, Liming Liang

Lin Zhang
Thesis: Immunomodulatory and Anti-Cancer Activities of Polysaccharides Isolated from Medicinal Plants Supervisors: Cheang Khoo, Sundar Koyyalamudi, Narsimha Reddy

Adiel Gounder
Thesis: Novel Nanocomposite Material for High Power Li-Battery Cathodes Supervisors: Adriyan Milev, Kamali Kannangara

Fozia Kamran
Thesis: Analysis of Lupin (lipinus augustifolus) Bioactive Components Supervisors: Narsimha Reddy, Kasipathy Kailasapathy, Michael Phillips

Solomon Thambiraj
Thesis: Isolation and Characterisation of Bioactive Polysaccharides From Lupin Cultures
Supervised by: Narsimha Reddy, Michael Phillips, Sundar Koyyalamudi

Andrew Jones
Thesis: A Technique in Chemical and Molecular Analysis: Reaction Flow Chromatography
Supervised by: Andrew Shalliker, Gary Dennis

Danijela Kocic
Thesis: Advanced Analytical Methods for Biological Analysis
Supervised by: Andrew Shalliker, Gary Dennis

Neil Sharma
Thesis: Isolation, Purification and Identification of Biologically Significant Compounds Derived from Complex Samples
Supervised by: Andrew Shalliker, Gary Dennis

David Shock
Thesis: Selectivity in Separation in HPLC Supervisors: Andrew Shalliker, Gary Dennis, Narsimha Reddy

Chester Vera
Thesis: Selectivity, Separation and Scale-up in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
Supervised by: Andrew Shalliker, Gary Dennis

Contact Person

For more information about the research area, please contact Gary Dennis via email or phone (02) 9685 9939.