Nutrition and Food

Overview of the Research Area

The main research focus includes, development of novel healthy foods, food processing and preservation, meat quality, eating behaviours and food habits, functional foods, food fortification and microencapsulation

Research links with Industry:

  • Sanitarium
  • Carob Australia
  • Lupin Nutrition Foods
  • Australian Natural Biotechnology
  • Department of Agriculture and Foods WA
  • Edith Cowan University
  • Food IQ
  • Qinghai Tsinghua Biotry Bio-Tech Co. Ltd (China)



Prof Vijay Jayasena
Research Interests: Development of novel healthy foods, functional foods, value adding to agricultural products, food industry by-products utilization, product development, development of Asian foods, fermentation, food quality evaluation, food processing and preservation, shelf life extension, plant protein isolation, grain processing, baking, technology and sensory evaluation
[requires evaluation]
Phone: 02 4570 1210
Mobile: 0417 363 005

Dr Rosalie Durham
Research Interests: Food scientist with a wide range of interests in food processing, food quality and safety. Research projects include development of dairy processes incorporating membrane and chromatographic separations, development of sensor labels for fresh fruit, sustainable manufacturing and the recovery of process by-products as new ingredients, food microbiology, cereal processing and sensory evaluation.
Phone: 02 4570 1754
Mobile: 0403 335 068

Dr Christine Hutchison
Research Interests: Meat quality with a particular focus on eating quality parameters of game meats, both farmed and wild harvested. Research has focused on the effect of farming or wild harvest practices on meat quality of common game meat species.
Phone: 02 4570 1433

Dr Ashok K Shrestha
Research Interests: Microencapsulation, food fortification, Extrusion processing, Starch processing and in vitro digestion and food fermentation.
Phone: 02 4570 1296
Mobile: 0422 342 496

Amelia Cook
Research Interests: Health promotion and public health nutrition including

  • Settings-based research such as the health of workplaces and their workers
  • Behaviour change
  • The relationship between the food environment, social determinants and eating behaviours
  • Dietary assessment methodology

Phone: 02 4570 1675

Potential Supervisors

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Current Research Candidates and Topics

Current Research Candidates and Topics

Weeraya Karnpanit (PhD)
Thesis: Effect of Processing on Anti-Nutritional Factors and Bioavailability of Minerals in
Australian Sweet Lupin
Supervised by: Prof Vijay Jayasena, Dr Ranil Coorey

Kevin Dong (PhD)
Thesis: Quality evaluation of sea buckthorn & development of memory enhancing super food
Supervised by: Prof Vijay Jayasena, Dr Binosha Fernando

Thi Houng Vu(PhD)
Thesis: A novel healthy dietary fiber from Australian carob powder
Supervised by: A/Prof Gary Dykes, Prof Vijay Jayasena, Zhoongxian Fang

Niranjani Wickamasinghe (PhD)
Thesis: The development and testing of functional food ingredient from fermented lupin
Supervised by: Dr Mario Soares, Prof Vijay Jayasena

Sherifah Baharudin (PhD)
Thesis: The effect of heat treatment and processing techniques on the quality of Australian sweet lupin flour
Supervised by: Prof Vijay Jayasena, Dr Ranil Coorey

Ha Thi Thu Bui (PhD)
Thesis: Uptake of nutrients and heavy metals by ulva sp. in inland saline water in western Australia
Supervised by: Prof Ravi Fotedar, Prof Vijay Jayasena

Dat Huynh (PhD)
Thesis: Food approach to prevention and management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Vietnamese population.
Supervised by: A/Prof Jayashree Arcot, Dr Ashok K Shrestha

Janaka Rupesinghe (MSc)
Supervised by: Prof Vijay Jayasena, Dr Rosalie Durham

Abhijit Ajitchandra Das (MSc)
Thesis: Effects of varying levels of Australian Sweet Lupin flour on the rheological properties of the dough and consumer acceptance of the chapati prepared from the dough.
Supervised by: Dr Ranil Coorey, Prof Vijay Jayasena

Vumilia Zikankuba (MSc)
Thesis: Proximate Composition and functional properties of five Western Australia grown, Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa, Willd) varieties.
Supervised by: Dr Ranil Coorey, Prof Vijay Jayasena

Michelle Toutounji (MSc)
Thesis: Molecular characterization of breakfast cereals and rice to understand their digestibility.
Supervised by: Dr Patrice Castignolles, Ashok Shrestha and Marion Gaborieu

Candice Skelton (Honours)
Thesis: Recruiting and sustaining citizen engagement through the introduction of a new citizen science project, WomSAT (Wombat Survey and Analysis Tools)
Supervised by: A/Prof Julie Old, A/Prof Andy Broderick, Dr Amelia Cook

James Lee (Honours)
Thesis: In vitro digestion and characteristics of breakfast cereals using state of the art techniques
Supervised by: Dr Patrice Castignolles, Ashok Shrestha and Marion Gaborieu

Alison Murphy (Honours)
Thesis: Analysis of headspace volatiles in avocado fruit to develop a sensor label specific to ripening.
Supervised by: Dr Sahar Van Dyk, Dr Rosalie Durham, Dr Paul Holford

Contact Person

For more information about the research area, please contact Prof Vijay Jayasena via email or phone (02) 4570 1210.