Deborah Tuckey, Manager, Family Day Care Service, Camden Council

Deborah Tuckey

Deborah Tuckey, a resident of Macarthur, is described in her nomination for the 2013 Women of the West Award as "the eternally ready and willing Debbie," who is well known in the Macarthur community for being available to people in need of support or friendly advice.

As the Manager of the Camden Council's Family Day Care Service, Debbie has responsibility for 45 early childhood educators who work seven days each week to provide care for 392 local children.
The Camden Local Government area is growing exponentially, with a population of 50,000 expected to reach 300,000 in the next 25 years. As Camden Council's only registered early education and care service provider, the impact of this rapid growth has had enormous implications for the service and the community– with the demand for child care places and after-school care continuing to grow.
During her time at Camden Family Day Care, Debbie has implemented in-house training and mentoring programs for staff, to ensure that the service continues to deliver the highest quality standard of education and care for local children.
Debbie has raised the profile of the service to ensure it meets the stringent requirements set out by the National Quality Framework for Early Education and Care Services. The service is often recognised as an example for other Family Day Care services throughout NSW.
Debbie is also the current City Vice President of NSW Family Day Care Board of Management (NSW), and was President at the time the Association lobbied Government to introduce an improved national framework of education and care for all children in Australia. Debbie's insistence that the ramifications for families should be considered when deciding the cost and availability of childcare services marked her as one of the leaders of the campaign.
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