Thousands of students attend iPad Collection Day

iPad Collection Day

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Students who accepted an early offer to study at the University of Western Sydney were invited to attend a special welcome event at the Parramatta campus this week.

On Wednesday 16th January 2013, thousands of students took the opportunity to get acquainted with their new university as well as to pick up their new iPad.

UWS announced late last year it was providing 11,000 iPads to all its new students and all academic staff in 2013, to support IT-enhanced learning and engage students beyond the classroom as part of the University’s broader blended learning strategy.

Professor James Arvanitakis, from UWS School of Humanities and Communication Arts and Institute for Culture and society, attended the iPad Collection Day to welcome the new students to the University.

Named Australian University Teacher of the Year in 2012, Professor Arvanitakis is renowned for using technology and interactive teaching techniques as a way of making his classes fun, engaging and meaningful for students.

He believes that students’ usage of tablet devices and other mobile technologies is just one way in which the traditional classroom experience is being revolutionised, and he’s excited by the opportunities that lay ahead.

iPad Collection Day

Professor James Arvanitakis with Joanna Zerva, who will be studying a Bachelor of Arts/ Master of Teaching in 2013  


"There’s been a seismic shift in the use of technology just in the last few years. When I started lecturing ten years ago there were barely any laptops appearing in the classroom, and now technology is the norm, and there are more and more mobile device and tablets being used by students to access content and connect with the world whenever they want,” says Professor Arvanitakis.

“As lecturers, we need to be ahead of the curve and integrate new technologies and other modes of learning into our teaching. The iPad rollout at UWS is such an exciting initiative, as not only are we going to be transforming the way in which we deliver our tutorials, lectures and other class material to make it more flexible for students, but ultimately, this technology allows us to improve the face-to-face teaching experience by making it more interactive and engaging.

“I am really looking forward to meeting my new students for this year, and taking this exciting journey together.”

Brooke Alessi

Brooke Alessi attended iPad Collection Day on her 18th birthday 


For Brooke Alessi, who accepted an early offer to study a Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences) at the UWS Campbelltown campus, the iPad Collection Day coincided with a very special occasion.

“I have just turned eighteen today, so it feels like the University has given me a birthday present,” said Brooke.

In addition to the 5121 early round offers that UWS made to students, the University has also made an additional 6966 offers as part of the main round. The University will be hosting additional welcome events over the coming weeks to allow these new students the opportunity to collect their iPads.


17 January 2013

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