Converting Percentages to Fractions

To convert percentages to fractions, remove the per cent sign and place the number over 100. Then reduce this fraction to the lowest term.

For example:

$$ 75\% = \frac{75}{100} = \frac34 $$

If the per cent is more than 100%, the conversion will result in a mixed fraction.

For example:

$$ 260\%  =  \frac{260}{100}  =  2 \frac{60}{100}  =  2 \frac35 $$

To convert a percentage to a fraction in the lowest term using a calculator, do the following:

  1. Type in the percentage amount, e.g. 70
  2. Press the fraction button, e.g. A b/c (this may vary on different calculators)
  3. Type in 100 as the denominator (bottom number of the fraction)
  4. Press the equal button
  5. You should now have the percentage expressed as a fraction in the lowest term

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