Dr Pradeep Kumar Singh

Organisation: CTAE, MPUAT Udaipur

E-mail: pksingh35@yahoo.com

Phone: +912942470190 (R), +91294 2470516 (O), +91941466190 (M)

Address: Dept of Soil and Water Engineering, CTAE, MPUAT, Udaipur

Summary background/interest area:

  • B Tech (Agri Engineering), 1985 
  • M E (Soil & Water Engineering) 1987 from CTAE, Udaipur
  • PhD (Watershed Hydrology, from MPUAT, Udaipur
Working in teaching and research activities in the field of watershed management, rainwater harvesting and groundwater hydrology.
Presently working as principal investigator of an All India Coordinated research project on groundwater utilisation funded by India Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.
Principal investigator of climate change project on enhancing water use efficiency and water productivity under varying climatic zones.
Design and development of appropriate technologies of water harvesting structures and providing technical support to Government of Rajasthan.

Role in the Project

  • Hydrologic monitoring (including field instrumentation)
  • Community and School engagement
  • Institutional and policy aspects