Dr John Ward

Organisation: CSIRO, Australia

E-mail: j.ward@csiro.au

Phone: +61 400475374

Address: Science Precinct, Boggo Road, Dutton Park, QLD, 4212, Australia

Summary background/interest area:

  • B Sc, Molecular Biology
  • B Sc, (Hons) Natural Resource Economics
  • PhD, Natural Resource Economics
Current Projects:
  • Exploring futures: an evaluation of the policy response to connected food, water and energy security at multiple scales.
  • Formal testing of the role of science evidence in “evidence” policy deliberations.
  • CLUES rice variety project – former typologies and systems and responses to sea level rise, salinity intrusion in Vietnamese Mekong Delta.

Development of research strategies in the management of Australian Biosecurity.

Role in the Project

Lead socio-economic and institutional aspects of research in the project.

Assist in institutional and behavioural economics and methodologies to test and executive policy instruments for development and natural resource management.