Dr Hakimuddin

 Vidya Bhavan Krishi Yigyan Kendra, Badgaon
E-mail: hakimuddin-udr@yahoo.com

Phone: 982827596 (M)

 55 Amrit Nagar, Bedle Road, Udaipur

Summary background/interest area:

  • B.E. (Ag & Env) from College of Technology & Agricultural Engineering, University of Usaipur, India – 1979
  • M.E. (Ag & Eng) in Farm Machinery and Power Energy from CTAE, M.L. Sukhedra University, Udaipur, India – 1985
  • PhD (Ag & Eng) in Renewable Energy Engineering, CTAE, MPUAT, Udaipur, India – 2010
I have experience in topographical surveying,  planning, design and implementation of Watershed Development, Monitoring and Evaluation of water activities.

Capacity building of farmers, farm women and extension workers for watershed development.

Role in the Project

Lead VBKUK group in the project.
Assist in capacity building, engaging people, students, teachers and Bhujal Jankars.

Provide support in monitoring the impact of water harvesting structures.