Design Request Help


Before you place a request with The Design Team, make sure you contact the right resource. If you are unsure, the list below will point you in the right direction.

I need to book a photographer

Please email the team with the photography brief at

I have an image request, or I want to look at what photos are available

Please email the team with what images you are after at

I want to request material for on-campus screens

The design team can create material but is not responsible for approvals or scheduling.

Proceed to the Internal Communications Request page.

I want to post material on Social Media

Proceed to the Social Media Request page .

I want to request material to go on to the Western Website

For web, homepage banner requests, proceed to the Design Request Form.

For other online content, proceed to the Web Request page.

I need a Western Sydney University logo

You can download Western Sydney University logos from the Using the Logo page.

For other logos, complete a Design Request Form. Any request to create NEW logos must include Executive approval.

I want to request design for branded promotional products (pens, t-shirts, USB etc.)

Contact our Brand Coordinator

If you require a logo, download WSU logos from the Using the Logo page.

I want a branded Word or Powerpoint template

Access templates here. Note: We do not correct or alter these templates.

I want to request changes to an existing document or publication

Proceed to the Design Request Form. Supply a marked-up PDF file or provide a job number of the current publication. If you do not have an existing PDF to mark up, request this before proceeding.

I have a request for a new print or digital publication material

If you require a short-form document (under 24 pages) and know who is paying for printing, proceed to Design Request Form.

If your request is for a long-form publication (over 24 pages) or you are not sure who will be paying for printing, download the Longform Publication Request Form and return to our Publications Coordinator.

I have a campaign I want to run for a School

First, confirm with the Marketing Manager of your School. Campaign ideas, including student-created work, require approval and should follow Brand Guidelines. They also require approval from Internal Communications and legal clearance, if prizes are offered.

If you have the clearances, proceed to the Design Request Form.

I have a research paper I want to be designed

The Design Team does not produce academic or research papers. However, we may still be able to accommodate your request if you have funding available. The process will involve hiring an experienced and brand-aware external designer to work under our supervision. If this suits, fill in a Design Request Form and supply details of your Cost Centre and delegate in the Comments field.