Digital screen and request form

Complete the form below to request a digital screen ad to be designed and published.


  • Advertisements must be relevant and of interest to a large proportion of students and/or staff and relate to an overall program or campaign rather than an individual event
  • Preference is given to publishing advertisements that contribute towards equitable representation from different areas of the University
  • Requests for digital screen advertisements should be submitted at least three weeks before the requested publishing date to allow time for design, approval and uploading
  • Internal Communications will assist with developing advertisement messages or editing and approving draft messages
  • Advertisements must comply with Western Sydney University Visual Identity Guidelines
  • Advertisements must be designed by iMedia and Design (Internal Communications will coordinate this)
  • Digital screens are often viewed from a distance and only for a short period of before rotation. For this reason, text on the ad should be brief and a short URL should be provided to point to more information

Digital screen ads display for a very short time, so text will need to be minimal. If you have a lot of information, provide a webpage URL where viewers can find out more. Screen ads must comply with the Western Sydney University Brand Guidelines [PDF, 6903.96 KB] (opens in a new window).

We recommend you submit this form at least three weeks in advance, to allow time for design, approval and uploading.

Your request will be subject to approval. Please be advised that your suggested message may be edited and you may be directed to use additional or alternative communication channels to convey your message.

Please note that fields marked with a '*' must be filled in.

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Combined file size should not exceed 8Mb
*Which campus/es do you require the ad to be displayed on?