WesternNow Request Portal

WesternNow is a central location for all service requests across the university. In order to best manage, prioritise and assign requests, the Digital Operations Team have transitioned over to WesternNow and ask that all future request tickets be raised via this portal.

There are a number of useful resources available on the WesternNow website including:

How can we help you?

The Digital Operations Team can assist with requests related to the university website.

If you would like to create a new webpage or update an existing one, please raise a ticket via WesternNow. Your ticket will then be assigned, prioritised and actioned by a member of our team. Once your ticket has been assigned, we will be in contact with an estimated timeframe depending on our capacity. Work critical to marketing operations will be prioritised but we will aim to action all requests within 10 business days. If your request is urgent, you will be able to indicate this on WesternNow.

How to create a request:

  • Open WesternNow in your browser
  • Log in with your Western staff details (staff ID number and password)
  • Create a request on the Digital Marketing Support page. The Requestor Details should be prefilled on the page
  • Under ‘Request Details’, select ‘Website Request’ for work related to the university website
  • Provide as much detail as possible to support your request. You are welcome to attach supporting documents – the more information, the better!
  • Set a due date for the work to be completed. Please note that this may need to be negotiated. You can indicate if your request is urgent

What work can you request?

  • Creating a new page or microsite
  • Updating content on an existing page
  • Removing a page or setting up a redirect
  • Creating or editing forms
  • Editing or Publishing access for Squiz Matrix

What about JIRA tickets?

As we transition over to the WesternNow platform, we will be closing all Jira requests. We understand that some work will relate to previous Jira tickets and as such, our team will maintain access to the Jira portal. Please raise all new requests via WesternNow and reference the previous Jira ticket number if it is relevant to the work.

We welcome any feedback on the new process and any ideas that you feel may improve the process will be taken on board.