Design Request Tips

The Design Team is here to help.

We all want a smooth workflow. The best way to achieve this is by supplying approved copy for design. Text that has been:

  • approved as final by the highest level person who has any approval or input, and
  • professionally proofread (contact Wayne Hickson, Publications Coordinator, for a list of University-approved proofreaders).

We will then design a draft version as a PDF, and you can mark up corrections onto this. How to use PDF mark-up is explained below.

To communicate corrections use one central contact person.

If there are more than three (3) correction rounds requested on a document, charges will be applied to your Cost Centre.

Concise Requests

Requests need to have pre-approval by a marketing channel lead before we can proceed. Requests MUST be made using the appropriate Design Request Form. Requests supplied as spreadsheets or PowerPoint, etc. will be returned.

Final Text, Proofreading and Corrections

Finalise text BEFORE requesting design. Professional proofreading is required as part of the Western Sydney University brand and MUST be done before external materials are printed, displayed or allowed to go live. For proofreading, please contact our Publications Coordinator.

Supplying Images

The largest version available will always produce the best results.

Printing - requires high resolution (300dpi files). Web resolution files (72dpi) are not appropriate. Low-resolution images will appear soft, or fuzzy when printed (and, at their worst, like they are made of lego). Do not supply images embedded in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or PDFs (these formats compress the images and reduce resolution). Screen or Social – download our studio documentation for the correct pixel dimension requirements. To see your image's pixel dimensions, check its properties, then compare it to the pixel dimensions required. Web resolution is 72dpi minimum.

Job Number

All our projects have a job number in the file name, e.g. OMAC2521. Do not remove or change as it's how we keep track of our work.

PDF Mark Up for Corrections

Many jobs use a PDF workflow. If you have corrections to your job, mark up the PDF we've supplied. To learn how you can watch this video. We DO NOT accept corrections in any other format. e.g. email, word file, handwritten note. We also do not accept PDFs that have been edited directly and do not match our file. If the changes are substantial (i.e. entire pages or multiple comments within paragraphs), you should supply clean, new copy.

Studio Documentation

We can supply a studio documentation document to assist you in ordering digital and print items. This document contains pull-up banner sizes, dimensions of digital assets, social assets and most of the things you may need to know. If you can't find what you need, let us know.

Brand Guidelines

Download our Brand Guidelines here. Requests for something "different" or a new logo outside the Brand Guidelines, requires Executive approval.