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Who can use WOS Studio?

WOS Studio is currently available for use by Western Sydney University Academic and Professional Staff.
Studio booking requests and studio use by undergraduate students without the support of academic or professional staff is not permitted.

Request receipts and booking confirmation

Once a booking is requested, a confirmation receipt is sent to the requestor’s nominated email address. This request is then reviewed by WOS Studio support staff and a confirmation email sent.

Changing and cancelling a booking

If you wish to change or cancel a booking, please use the Cancel this Booking link contained within the booking request confirmation receipt. This is sent to your nominated email address upon placing the initial booking request. After cancelling, a new booking for an alternate day may be submitted via the booking site if required.

Booking Requests/Rejected Requests

Bookings can be made for any available times up to 24hrs before the start of the requested session. One booking per person, per day. Maximum session length 90 mins. Refer to the WOS Studio Bookings page (opens in a new window).
Studios are usually available on nominated weekdays between 9.00am and 4.00pm. Requests made outside of this, within the 24hr time frame, twice on one day or on weekends will be automatically rejected.

What is the earliest and latest times I can book?

Studios are typically available from 9am – 4pm. Last recording time slot is 3:30pm.


What kind of content can I capture using WOS Studio?

Single presenter presentations with accompanying slides in a lecture style presentation format.

What presentation formats cannot be captured with WOS Studio?

  • Face to face interviews.
  • Capture of dramatic performances.
  • Capture of demonstrations.
  • Capture of music performances.
  • Recording of non-scripted (ad-lib) presentations.


WOS studio captures the presenter on a black background. Presenters are strongly advised not to wear black or dark colored attire, particularly from the waist up. Wearing dark colors in WOS will create an unflattering, bodyless appearance on camera. Wearing garments with fine stripes is also not recommended due to the strobing this causes on camera.

I need to write a script - why?

WOS is a teleprompter-based capture system. Scripting is vital to presenting with WOS. Using scripting in conjunction with a teleprompter provides greater viewer engagement and allows presenters to reflect on their presentation more deeply, facilitating structured, efficient delivery of content.
Use the WOS Studio PowerPoint template to curate your scripted presentations. Add your script to the Presenter Notes section of the relevant slide in PowerPoint. Your script will be displayed on the Teleprompter during recording.

Why do I need the PDF?

Saving your PowerPoint as PDF ensures your presentation is captured correctly during recording. It is essential that you save your PowerPoint file as a PDF and bring both the PowerPoint and PDF file with you to your session.

Can I use Prezi with WOS?

No, WOS Studio is only compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. Please use the PowerPoint template provided on the WOS Studio page.

How should I format my PowerPoint presentation?

We provide a specific PowerPoint template to curate your presentation in WOS. It is essential this template is used for all WOS Studio presentations. This template is available for download on the WOS Studio website in the Support Documents section.

What kinds of production does WOS support?

WOS Studio supports ‘Lecture theatre like’ presentation. WOS is suitable for a wide range of applications where a traditional PowerPoint presentation would otherwise be used. This includes traditional lecture format, staff updates, welcome videos, OH&S Training, internal communications, conference videos, feedback videos, instructional videos and much more.

Do I have to use a PowerPoint file to use WOS?

Yes, WOS Studio requires a PowerPoint file in order to operate. Only PowerPoint is compatible with WOS Studio. Other kinds of presentation files such as Prezi, iSpring etc. will not work with WOS Studio.

Can I add animated GIFs to my presentation?

Animated GIFs placed in PowerPoint presentations will appear as a still image in WOS. Animations cannot be added to your presentation after recording.

Can I add images to my presentation?

Yes, images should be added to your PowerPoint presentation prior to recording.
Long recordings without supporting visual materials (visual text and image-based slide content) is not advised.

Can two or more presenters be recorded on screen at the same time?

WOS is only suitable for capture of a single presenter on screen at any one time.
Presentations featuring two or more presenters on camera and multiple presenter presentation formats are not supported by WOS Studio.

Will slide transitions and animations created in PowerPoint be captured by WOS?

No, WOS Studio does not capture animations created in PowerPoint.

Can I add animations and video to my presentation?

Animations and video cannot be added to your presentation. Please add these to your vUWS page and refer to the location of this content in your presentation.

Am I going to be on screen the entire time - how do I control the recording style?

WOS Studio allows presenters to easily choose how they appear on screen at each slide instance throughout their presentation. Users have a choice of three different modes: Presenter and Slide [PS], Slide Only [SO] and Presenter Only [PO]. More information on curating your presentation in WOS is available in our Preparing for a WOS Recording guide (opens in a new window).

Can I combine past WOS recordings?

Yes, WOS Studio staff can combine past WOS recordings with your future recording as required. WOS Studio staff do not edit or combine WOS presentations with other non-WOS produced presentations.

Can WOS staff edit my non-WOS produced video?

No, WOS Studio Staff only edit WOS Studio produced content.

Can I use WOS for screen capture based recordings?

No, WOS Studio is not suitable for screen capture based recordings.

Does WOS Studio support green screen-based recording?

No, Chroma Key (Green Screen) based recordings are not supported.

What is the highest resolution available?

All WOS Studio recordings are captured in High Definition (HD – 1920px x1080px).

Does WOS Studio support audio only recordings?

Yes, WOS Studio supports audio only (scripted) recordings e.g. Podcasts.

Can I access in-person support with the recording?

Yes, all WOS Studio sessions are supported in person by WOS Studio support staff.


Does WOS Studio embed videos in my site?

In some instances, we may be able to embed your recording for you. We prefer to send you a completed master file and upload your video to a video hosting platform for you to embed in your site as required.

Can I request an edit to an existing WOS recording?

Yes, WOS Studio staff can edit your pre-existing WOS recording.

How long does editing take?

Most videos are available within 7 working days of recording. In some instances, editing may not be required. If you wish to edit the recording yourself, please advise WOS Studio Support Staff. For teaching and learning video assets, we strongly recommend editing be undertaken by WOS Studio staff.


How do I receive the videos?

Completed videos are transferred to staff through a range of delivery channels as required. Please discuss your needs with a WOS Studio Support staff member on arrival.

Studio Locations

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Further Information

If you need further information about WOS Studio, please contact us at wosstudioteam@westernsydney.edu.au.