The Engaged Teaching Project

The Engaged Teaching Project (ETP) was initiated in 2019 but was disrupted by the COVID pandemic. The project aims to build on results of the Student Experience Survey (SES) and address the areas of concern. Western’s performance has improved to pre-COVID levels however it remains weak especially in the areas of Teaching Quality, Learner Engagement and Learning Resources. While all three contribute significantly to the SES Overall Experience rating, Teaching Quality dominates. 

The Engaged Teaching Project will focus on adopting new approaches to facilitate the capability development of our teachers to enable them to co-create sector-leading student learning experiences through inspiring teaching practices in our undergraduate programs.

The project works across three overlapping areas of activity and will be staged with decision points for further growth and initiatives as insights are developed in each area

  • Activity stream 1: Subject Teaching Engagement & Pedagogy Standards (STEPS)
    1. Understand why our learners respond this way and identify what learning experiences would provide a positive response to these questions
    2. Collaboratively develop and implement new teaching delivery models and standards, that reflect a better mix of engaged teaching and learning experiences and bring students and staff back to campus
    3. Collaboratively identify optimal pedagogical engagement practices in different teaching groups
  • Activity Stream 2: The Learning Classroom                                                                                                                                          
    4. Support teachers in the classrooms with student partners as engaged teaching interns
    5. Engage new external technology partners to create engaged content and learning communities in the classrooms
  • Activity Stream 3: Western Teaching Culture
    6. Support academic workforce renewal and encourage accountability
    7. Support leaders and reward Schools for improvement with performance-based funding
    8. Ensure students are aware of and recognize the improvements in the SES responses.

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