WOS Studio

Western One Stop Studio is a custom-built lecture pod capture system designed to assist you to make short and simple, high quality lecture pods. It’s been designed in-house, here at Western Sydney by our Learning Futures team.

The bespoke app is called “PowerPoint Prompter” and it connects the camera, PowerPoint and studio app together.

With voice and visual prompts, it guides the presenter through the recording and capture process.

The custom-built lecture pod capture system has a studio camera, lighting and teleprompter that are all pre-set, using tailored AV equipment, to make the recording experience easy!  You’ll only need yourself and a PowerPoint file to achieve professional results for your vUWS sites, research presentations, flipped classrooms, welcome videos and many other uses.

Get to know WOS in just 2 minutes, we think you’ll find you both have a lot in common.

Working with WOS Studio

Using WOS is a 3 Step Process

Step 1: Prepare

  • Book your session (opens in a new window) in a WOS Studio
  • Use Learning Futures’ Online Engagement and Teaching Hub (opens in a new window) for great tips and resources for making quality, engaging content.
  • Use the PowerPoint template (PPTX, 1214.29 KB) (opens in a new window) to script and design your presentation
  • Practice your presentation duration and check your spelling and grammar
  • Save your presentation to a USB thumb drive and bring it with you on the day
  • Check your staff email and calendar to confirm your booking

Step 2: Record

  • Arrive at the WOS Studio early
  • Bring your USB thumb drive and a bottle of water
  • Fashion Tip: No logos, small stripes, checks or dark coloured clothes
  • Bring make-up and/or a hair brush if needed
  • WOS is a supported facility. Staff will assist you with the recording and post production process

Step 3: Deliver

  • Support staff will complete post-production of your Video pod usually in 7 working days
  • Check completed recording for accuracy
  • Check the recording on your nominated hosting platform (vUWS etc.)
  • Backup your video and presentation files for updating and use next time

More about WOS

Get the most out of your WOS recordings, watch the video below to learn more about why WOS works the way it works!

Have a question about WOS? Check out our WOS Frequently Asked Questions.

Developing your Content

Learning Futures has established the Online Engagement and Teaching Hub (opens in a new window) to support staff in curating quality teaching assets and methodologies.

Studio Locations

You can also find these locations on our campus map (opens in a new window).

Booking a Studio

Book your WOS session online (opens in a new window)

Preparing for WOS

  • Complete a WOS Studio Booking Request (opens in a new window)
  • Your booking will be confirmed via email by a WOS Studio Team Member
  • Studio support staff will email you a PowerPoint Template and guide upon confirm your booking. Prepare early, download the WOS Template (PPTX, 1214.29 KB) (opens in a new window) and the WOS Studio User Guide (PDF, 80.3 KB) (opens in a new window), for a complete guide to lecture pod preparation for WOS.
  • At the heart of the WOS Studio is the teleprompter. This ensures your presentation is of a high quality. To achieve this quality it is important users develop a presentation script. This script is inserted in the Presenter Notes section at each of the corresponding slides in your power point presentation. The script is then displayed on the teleprompter during the recording session. If you need some extra practice, you can practice using a teleprompter (opens in a new window).

Recording with WOS

  • On the day of your recording bring along your presentation in two formats (PDF and PowerPoint) on a USB memory stick.
  • Please ensure you’re not wearing very dark colours or patterned designs like fine stripes or checks. Clothing branded with large logos or similar is not recommended.
  • You may wish to bring a hair brush and makeup to use prior to your session. Use of translucent powder will reduce flare on forehead and scalp.
  • Studios are supported by the WOS Studio Team. WOS Staff will guide you through the recording process and be on hand to answer your questions.
  • If you are a first-time user, a WOS Studio Team member will provide a short orientation to familiarise you with the process before you begin. If you are new to the studio please advise us of this when booking, so extra time can be allocated to you.

Delivering your content

  • Video pods will be post produced by a WOS Team member and will generally be ready for deployment within 7 working days. Please confirm your desired mode of delivery for your completed pod to support staff.
  • Your completed pod may need to be hosted online via a video hosting service such as YouTube or Panopto. WOS Studio Team and Learning Futures can advise staff on the most appropriate platform for their individual needs.
  • Once you have received your completed pod, check it through thoroughly. Make a backup of this file along with your original PowerPoint file for future use and revisions.

Further Information

If you need further information about WOS Studio, please contact us at wosstudioteam@westernsydney.edu.au