Mental health concerns

Guidelines for identifying and managing mental health presentations

These guidelines are not a diagnostic tool. They should be used as a guide to identify and assist students or staff having difficulties in order to minimise disruption to their studies or work place.

The green guidelines represent overall positive mental health and wellbeing. The response and recommendations section details suggestions for maintaining positive wellbeing and mental health.

The amber guidelines represent early changes in mental health or wellbeing, which require identification and management to prevent further distress and promote recovery.

The red guidelines represent changes which are known to increase distress to themselves or those in their family and workplace. If you identify these changes in yourself or others, it is important to discuss a plan with the Counselling Service (for students), supervisor, HR or EAP (for staff members). People can also discuss the issues with their GP who can recommend additional support via the Medicare mental health plan.

Head to the University and community contacts page for advice and referral services.

Mental health guidelines

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