Humanitarian and Development Research Initiative (HADRI)

Rwandan Refugee camp
Refugee camp
Logging West of Honiara Solomon Islands
Palm Oil plantation with road and power polls
Women protesting against violence to women

The Humanitarian and Development Research Initiative (HADRI), is a globally unique approach, combining humanitarian and development research. We focus on the complex interplay of ideas surrounding international response and management of natural and man-made disasters, and the consequent efforts to induce development or to rebuild states.


With international concern surrounding the nexus between security and development there is a clear demand to understand the complexity of the problems of development and how humanitarian assistance dovetails with international aid efforts. In most African countries, humanitarian disasters frequently accompany development processes, while parts of Asia and the Pacific are also prone to humanitarian disasters, either natural or manmade, and resilient development is a necessity. Our research themes explore these intersections.

HADRI has three main thematic research areas, all of which intersect:

  1. Disaster Response and Management
  2. International Migration and Health
  3. Interventions, Conflict Resolution, State-building and Peace-building