Humanitarian and Development Research Initiative (HADRI)

Challenging COVID-19 Infodemic
COVID-19 and Bangladesh
COVID-19 Impacts on Immigration Detention: Global Responses
State Responses to COVID-19: a global snapshot at 1 June 2020
Rwandan Refugee camp
Refugee camp
Logging West of Honiara Solomon Islands
Women protesting against violence to women
Palm Oil Plantation

With international concern surrounding the nexus between security and development there is a clear demand to understand the complexity of development challenges and how they articulate with international humanitarian intervention and aid efforts.

WSU’s Humanitarian and Development Research Initiative (HADRI) has been established with a globally unique approach to pursue research that highlights the complexity of international responses to conflicts and disasters, and the intersections between the multidimensional health, socio-economic and political aspects of complex emergencies.

Our Mission

To conduct research that:

  • Bridges the academic and practice aspects of humanitarian response, rehabilitation and development.
  • Informs policy decisions of government, international organisations, academics and other stakeholders.
  • Ensures synergies, innovation and knowledge sharing and translation through collaboration with HADRI’s global partners, and engagement with WSU’s undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Humanitarian and Development Studies (HADS).

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