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Journal articles

Adaku, J E., (2020) The impact of flooding on Nigeria’s sustainable development goals (SDGs)(opens in a new window), Ecosystem Health and Sustainability, 6:1, 1791735, DOI: 10.1080/20964129.2020.1791735

Phillips, M., (2020) Managing a Multiplicity of Interests: The Case of Irregular Migration from Libya”, Migration and Society: Advances in Research 3. p. 1-9.

Phillips, M. and Missbach, A., (2020) Introduction - Mini Special Issue: "Reconceptualizing Transit State in an Era of Outsourcing, Offshoring, and Obfuscation”, Migration and Society: Advances in Research 3. p. 1-15.

Wali, N., Georgeou, N., Simmons, O., Gautam, M. S. & Gurung, S. (2020), Women and WASH in Nepal: a scoping review of existing literature. Water International, 45:3, 222-245, DOI: 10.1080/02508060.2020.1754564

Book chapters

Georgeou N. (2020) Situating Volunteer Work and Volunteering in Theory and Practice.(opens in a new window) In: Leal Filho W., Azul A., Brandli L., Özuyar P., Lange Salvia A., Wall T. (eds) No Poverty. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Springer, Cham


Georgeou, N. and Hawksley, C. (eds) 2020. State Responses to COVID-19: a global snapshot at 1 June 2020,(opens in a new window) HADRI, Western Sydney University.

Reports contributions

Georgeou, N. and Hawksley, C. in RDI Network (2020) Enhancing Research Impact in International Development: A practical guide for practitioners and researchers.(opens in a new window)

United Nations contributions

Martinez, C. & Sharpe, S. (2020). A Post COVID-19 Green Deal for the Garment Sector in Asia? United Nations. Available online here.


Journal articles

Georgeou, N. & Haas, B. (2019) Power, Exchange and Solidarity: Case Studies in Youth Volunteering for Development (PDF, 477.78 KB)(opens in a new window). Voluntas.

Georgeou, N., Hawksley, C. & Monks J. Ki’I, M., (2019) 'Food Security and Asset Creation in Solomon Islands: Gender and the Political Economy of Agricultural Production for Honiara Central Market'. PORTAL Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies, 16:1/2, 101-118. portal.v16i1/2.6542

Gurung, S., Wali, N., Simmons, O. and Georgeou, N., (2019) The emergence of volunteerism in a post-disaster context: A systematic scoping study literature review. Third Sector Review, Vol. 25, No. 2, 57-89.

Hawksley, C. & Georgeou, N. (2019) ‘Gramsci “makes a difference”: volunteering, neoliberal ‘common sense’ and the Sustainable Development Goals’. Third Sector Review, 25(2): 27-56.

Mugadza, H.T., Mujeyi, B., Stout, B., Wali, N. and Renzaho, A.M., 2019. Childrearing Practices Among Sub-Saharan African Migrants in Australia: A Systematic Review. Journal of Child and Family Studies, pp.1-15.

Stevens, G. et. al. 2019. SMS SOS: A randomized controlled trial to reduce self-harm and suicide attempts using SMS text messaging (PDF, 1499.37 KB)(opens in a new window). BMC Psychiatry. 19:117. DOI: 10.1186/s12888-019-2104-9

Tadjoeddin, Z., (2019). ‘Inequality and exclusion in Indonesia: Political economic developments in the Post-Soeharto Era.’ Journal of Southeast Asian Economies 36 (3).

Wali, N., Agho, K. and Renzaho, A.M., 2019. Past drivers of and priorities for child undernutrition in South Asia: a mixed methods systematic review protocol (PDF, 857.41 KB)(opens in a new window). Systematic reviews8(1), p.189.

Wali, N., Akombi, B., James, P., Waterton, E., Saul, H., Youl, A., & Renzaho, A.M., 2019. The Impact of Tourism on Sustainable Community Development, Health and Well-being: A Systematic Review Protocol. Social Science Protocols, p. 1-10

Books and Book Chapters

Arnab, R.C., & Ahmed, A., (2019) Emergence of ‘Protest Publics’ in South Asia: A Comparative Study of Anti-corruption and Shahbag Protest, in Nina Belyaeva, Dmitry Zaytsev, Victor Albert, (eds.) in Protest Publics: New Actors of Social Change and Civic Participation, Basel, Switzerland: Springer.

Chowdhury, A. & Vladimir, P., 2019. Macroeconomic Policies in Countries of the Global South, New York: Nova Science Publishers

Chowdhury, A. 2019. Global Economy: Crises, Geo-Politics and the Third World, Dhaka: Jagriti Prokashony

Georgeou, N. & Haas, B. 2019. ‘University Student Volunteering for Development: towards a critical approach’, in Agnes Kover and Gabrielle Franger-Huhle, (eds), University and Society: Interdependencies and Exchange, Edward Elgar, UK, pp 58-75.

Phillips, M. and Heiduk, M. (2019). "Europe is not Worth Dying For’: The Dilemma facing Somalis in Europe” in Mirjam Van Reisen, Munyaradzi Mawere, Mia Stokmans & Kinfe Abraha Gebre-Egziabher (Eds). Roaming Africa: Migration, Resilience and Social Protection, Bamenda, Cameroon: Langaa RPCIG.

Sitko, P., Johnson, O. and Toma, W., 2019. Using a systems approach to better understand urban resilience In Port Vila. In: Sanderson, D. and Bruce, L. (eds.) Urban Disaster Resilience in the Pacific and Asia. New York: Routledge.

Tadjoeddin, Z. and Chowdhury, A. (2019), 'Employment and Re-Industrialisation in Post Soeharto Indonesia', : Palgrave Macmillan 9781137505651

Contributions to UN Reports

Ortiz, I., Chowdhury, A., Valverde, F.B., Muzaffar, T., & Urban, S., (2019). in Fiscal Space for Social Protection: A Handbook for Assessing Financing Options: UN ILO and UN Women

Fernandez C.M in UN International Labour Organization (ILO): ILO. 2019. Future of Work for Climate Resilience in the Pacific Islands (PDF, 1031.25 KB)(opens in a new window), Fiji: UN ILO

Schismenos, S., Stevens, G., Georgeou, N in: Kim, J.J., and Halbert, A. (Eds.) The Next Generation of Work: Pathways to Sustainable Economies and Decent Jobs for All by 2030 (PDF, 66831.46 KB)(opens in a new window), New York, USA: United Nations Major Group of Children and Youth. pp. 100-104.

Schismenos, S., Stevens, G., Georgeou, N and Wali, N. in United Nations: Major Group of Children and Youth, Youth Science Policy Interface Publication- 2nd Special Edition: Disaster Risk Reduction: Moving Forward, Thinking Ahead (PDF, 1776.02 KB)(opens in a new window), August 2019.

Sitko, P. and Goudswaard S. RDI Network (2019). Development in the Urban Era: Six Strategies for Better Managing Urbanisation in Asia and the Pacific (PDF, 1493.33 KB)(opens in a new window)

Tadjoeddin, Z. and Chowdhury, A. (2019). Review of Progress made in structural economic transformation in Euro-Asian landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) (PDF, 611.97 KB) (opens in a new window) Report for UN-OHRLLS (UN Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States), April 2019.

Tadjoeddin, Z. and Chowdhury, A. (2019). Financing structural transformation for poverty reduction in Asia’s Land-locked Least Developed Countries: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Lao PDR and Nepal. Report for UN-ESCAP (The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific), October 2019.

In the media 

Opinion pieces (PDF, 201.01 KB)(opens in a new window) by Professor Anis Chowdhury

Dr Ataus Samad as a panel member of the DRUM program(opens in a new window) on ABC television, on 14 May 2019 and 26 April 2019

Dr Charles Hawksley and Associate Professor Nichole Georgeou in East Asia Forum: ‘Sogovare shakes up Solomon Islands Economy’(opens in a new window)

Dr Mubashar Hasan on the radio with journalist Phillip Adams ABC’s ‘Late night live’ about ‘Radicalisation and Extremism in Bangladesh’ and his piece on Academic freedom in Bangladesh(opens in a new window) in East Asia Forum

Associate Professor Zulfan Tadjoeddin interviewed by the London based World Finance magazine, August 2019.


Stevens, G., Wali, N., Georgeou, N., and Tadjoeddin, Z., 2018. Understanding the Relationship between Humanitarian and Development Interventions: A Mixed-Methods Systematic Review Protocol. (PDF, 226.93 KB) (opens in a new window) Social Science Protocols, December 2018, 1-12.

Australia and the Global Compact on Migration- Opportunities for a new agenda: Outcomes Report (PDF, 2196.08 KB) (opens in a new window)

Gautam, M.S., Georgeou, N., Phillips, M., Pyakurel, U., Wali, N., & Clayton, E. 2018. Women and WASH in Nepal: Key Issues and Challenges (PDF, 1161.86 KB) (opens in a new window), Humanitarian and Development Research Initiative, Western Sydney University, 2018.

N. Georgeou, C. Hawksley, J. Monks, A Ride, M. Ki’i, L. Barratt. 2018. Food Security in Solomon Islands: A Survey of Honiara Central Market (PDF, 1996.42 KB) (opens in a new window), HADRI/Western Sydney University

Diaspora Responses in times of Disaster and other crisis: Outcomes Report (PDF, 5197.4 KB) (opens in a new window).


Renzaho, AMN and Dhingra, N (2017) Addressing the needs of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the Nepean Blue Mountains region: a formative assessment of health and community services needs (PDF, 6199.81 KB) (opens in a new window) Penrith: Wentworth Healthcare Limited


Renzaho, A. & Dhingra, N., (2016). Assessing the Impact of Post-migration Lifestyle Changes on Migrant Settlement Trajectories,(opens in a new window) Western Sydney University (July 2016)

Tadjoeddin, M.Z., Yumna, A., Gultom, S.E., Rakhmadi, M.F., Hidayat, M.F. and Suryahadi, A., (2016). Inequality and stability in democratic and decentralized Indonesia.(opens in a new window) SMERU Working Paper. Jakarta, Indonesia: SMERU Research Institute.