Working Paper Series

Global Development Forum Working Paper Series

Leal, R. (2021). COVID-19, the Migration Crisis and Chile's New Immigration Legislation: Chile's Powerful Get Richer and its Poor More Outraged. Retrieved from

Kilby, P., & Wu, J. (2020). Migration and the Gender Impacts of COVID-19 on Nepalese Women: Global Development Working Paper 1. Humanitarian and Development Research Initiative (HADRI) At Western Sydney University2020.

HADRI invites submissions to its Global Development Working Paper Series. 

The HADRI Global Development Working Paper Series aims to provide an opportunity for researchers to submit ideas that constitute a work-in-progress which will be published online but which can, with some theoretical development or engagement with critique, be submitted to a journal or edited volume. Preference will be given to original research that have findings with broader applicability.

For submissions please refer to the Author guidelines (PDF, 150.29 KB)(opens in a new window) and Style guidelines (PDF, 245.77 KB)(opens in a new window).

For more information please contact Associate Professor Patrick Kilby at