Higher Degree Research

HDR Working Group

HADRI’s higher degree research students continue to get together for the "Working group and Reading club". These are now virtual meetings that provide opportunities to workshop their research plans, brainstorm probable constraints to their research and data collection, and to connect socially.


Ahmed Khan (PhD candidate): An examination of the psycho-social impacts of labour trafficking in Bangladesh, Supervisors: Dr Garry Stevens & Dr Nichole Georgeou

Anita Jahid (PhD candidate): Climate Migrants in Bangladesh: Insights into Women's Vulnerabilities and Survival Strategies,
Supervisors:  Dr Debra Keenahan & Professor Rosemary Leonard

Huynh Van Da (PhD Candidate): An Evaluation of the Effects and Challenges of Climate Change to Sustainable Tourism Development Mekong Delta Region of Vietnam, Supervisors: Associate Professor Awais Piracha & Dr Hayley Saul

George Greiss (PhD Candidate): Develop a rational choice model to identify and equitably distribute the spatial costs and benefits associated with development densification, Supervisors: Associate Professor Awais Piracha, Dr Laura Schatz & Dr Tim Williams

Khandakar Al Farid Uddin (PhD Candidate): Significance of Community Opposition and Resistance: A study on Local Government Planning and Reform, Supervisors: Associate Professor Awais Piracha & Professor Peter Phibbs

Maria Gabriela Uribe Guajardo (PhD Candidate): Providing culturally appropriate Mental Health First Aid for non-health trained community-based workers assisting Iraqi refugees: development of expert consensus guidelines and initial training evaluation, Supervisors: Dr Shameran Slewa-Younan, Professor Anthony Francis Jorm (University of Melbourne)

Md Salauddin (PhD Candidate): Urban Metabolism and geographical politics of water consumption: Access, Control and Inequality in Bangladesh, Supervisors: Associate Professor Awais Piracha & Professor Rosemary Leonard

Olivia Szlachta (External- PhD Candidate): Olivet Nazarene University, Chicago USA: Mental Health Literacy and help seeking behaviors in the Assyrian American Community in United States, Supervisors: Dr Shameran Slewa-Younan & Professor Leah Horvath

Supriya Gurung (PhD Candidate): Volunteerism and Development in Nepal: A local perspective, Supervisors: Dr Nichole Georgeou & Professor Rosemary Leonard with co supervision from Kathmandu University

Spyros Schismenos (PhD candidate): Hydropower for Disaster Resilience Applications (HYDRA), Supervisors: Dr Garry Stevens & Dr Nichole Georgeou

Asra Akhgar (Honours): Help-seeking attitudes and behaviours among Humanitarian Aid Workers, Supervisors: Dr Garry Stevens


2020. Adaku (Jane) Echendu (M. Research): “Eneka Community, Port Harcourt, Nigeria: A case study of the impact of annual flooding disaster on residents and the environment” 
Supervisors: Dr Nichole Georgeou

2018. Elisha Barratt (PhD), An Ethnography of the circumstances of Aboriginal children who attend one remote Australian 'separatist' school”, Supervisors: Dr Nichole Georgeou & Professor Andre Renzaho

2017. Kelsey Skeoch (Honours), Coping support processes among humanitarian relief trainees
Supervisors: Dr Garry Stevens

2017. Isaac Mukoko (M. Research), Challenges of effective economic participation of Southern African skilled migrants: a case study of Greater Western Sydney”, Supervisors: Dr Nichole Georgeou