Higher Degree Research


Ahmed Khan (PhD candidate): An examination of the psycho-social impacts of labour trafficking in Bangladesh, Supervisors: Dr Garry Stevens & Dr Nichole Georgeou

Anita Jahid (PhD candidate): Climate Migrants in Bangladesh: Insights into Women's Vulnerabilities and Survival Strategies,
Supervisors:  Dr Debra Keenahan & Professor Rosemary Leonard

Huynh Van Da (PhD Candidate): An Evaluation of the Effects and Challenges of Climate Change to Sustainable Tourism Development Mekong Delta Region of Vietnam, Supervisors: Associate Professor Awais Piracha & Dr Hayley Saul

George Greiss (PhD Candidate): Develop a rational choice model to identify and equitably distribute the spatial costs and benefits associated with development densification, Supervisors: Associate Professor Awais Piracha, Dr Laura Schatz & Dr Tim Williams

Khandakar Al Farid Uddin (PhD Candidate): Significance of Community Opposition and Resistance: A study on Local Government Planning and Reform, Supervisors: Associate Professor Awais Piracha & Professor Peter Phibbs

Maria Gabriela Uribe Guajardo (PhD Candidate): Providing culturally appropriate Mental Health First Aid for non-health trained community-based workers assisting Iraqi refugees: development of expert consensus guidelines and initial training evaluation, Supervisors: Dr Shameran Slewa-Younan, Professor Anthony Francis Jorm (University of Melbourne)

Md Salauddin (PhD Candidate): Urban Metabolism and geographical politics of water consumption: Access, Control and Inequality in Bangladesh, Supervisors: Associate Professor Awais Piracha & Professor Rosemary Leonard

Olivia Szlachta (External- PhD Candidate): Olivet Nazarene University, Chicago USA: Mental Health Literacy and help seeking behaviors in the Assyrian American Community in United States, Supervisors: Dr Shameran Slewa-Younan & Professor Leah Horvath

Supriya Gurung (PhD Candidate): Volunteerism and Development in Nepal: A local perspective, Supervisors: Dr Nichole Georgeou & Professor Rosemary Leonard with co supervision from Kathmandu University

Spyros Schismenos (PhD candidate): Hydropower for Disaster Resilience Applications (HYDRA), Supervisors: Dr Garry Stevens & Dr Nichole Georgeou

Asra Akhgar (Honours): Help-seeking attitudes and behaviours among Humanitarian Aid Workers, Supervisors: Dr Garry Stevens


2020. Adaku (Jane) Echendu (M. Research): “Eneka Community, Port Harcourt, Nigeria: A case study of the impact of annual flooding disaster on residents and the environment” 
Supervisors: Dr Nichole Georgeou

2018. Elisha Barratt (PhD), An Ethnography of the circumstances of Aboriginal children who attend one remote Australian 'separatist' school”, Supervisors: Dr Nichole Georgeou & Professor Andre Renzaho

2017. Kelsey Skeoch (Honours), Coping support processes among humanitarian relief trainees
Supervisors: Dr Garry Stevens

2017. Isaac Mukoko (M. Research), Challenges of effective economic participation of Southern African skilled migrants: a case study of Greater Western Sydney”, Supervisors: Dr Nichole Georgeou