Our Research and Translation Activities

HADRI research focuses on the intersections between disaster relief and social and economic development. We explore the practices of government and non-government agencies involved in humanitarian operations, and their development practice. HADRI research addresses the challenges and opportunities associated with disaster preparedness, response and management; public health programs for displaced populations; building the resilience of vulnerable populations; and public health concerns surrounding national and international migration.

HADRI has three intersecting research themes :

  1. Disaster Preparedness, Response and Management
  2. Migration, Global Health and Development
  3. Human Security and Sustainable Development

HADRI’s major research activities across these themes focus on: ·

  • Human rights and the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP);
  • Food Security and food systems and its linkages to public health and nutrition;
  • Migration, social disadvantage and migrant community health;
  • Political economy of conflict; ·
  • Livelihoods, employment and human development; ·
  • Disaster and critical incident perception and preparedness; ·
  • Occupational risk and resilience among humanitarian practitioners;
  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH).

HADRI research informs teaching into the Bachelors(opens in a new window) and Masters(opens in a new window) degrees in Humanitarian and Development Studies.

HADRI runs research training and monitoring and evaluation workshops for its research partners.

Find out more about HADRI research themes here.