School of Social Sciences Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026

The School of Social Sciences Strategic Plan (2022 – 2026), (PDF, 1117.05 KB) (opens in a new window) has set out to align with the community-minded and student-centric principles of Sustaining Success.

Sustaining Success describes a ‘Principle of Connectedness’ which underlies how Western Sydney University is “embedded in the economic, cultural and social growth of the Western Sydney region” (pp. 16).

Through its ‘Enablers’, Sustaining Success also asserts the importance of the University acting as “an integral part of the fabric of Western Sydney,” (pp. 21) and concurrently asserts its position as an “unambiguously global” institution (pp. 24).

Further, the Plan also highlights that the notion of ‘Excellence’ can be achieved when we “engage our students as partners in their educational journey,” and recognises that “expanding international engagement and forging new partnerships and networks… brings greater depth, experience and connectedness to our endeavours in Western Sydney.” (pp. 11).

These are positioning statements that have high resonance with the School of Social Sciences and have been drawn upon to inform and influence the creation of our Strategic Plan.

Our Strategic Plan highlights a wide range of specific objectives, aligned with each of our portfolio areas – Engagement, Learning and Teaching, Research and International.

It is through these objectives that we will activate a plan of intentional, outward engagement, with a focus on:

  • Developing sustainable student flows and enhancing student experience.
  • Meaningful, research-led change in local, international, and diasporic communities.
  • Deep, thoughtful, and reciprocal engagement with our peers, partners, students, and alumni.
  • Cultivating an equitable, supportive, and collaborative environment that is conducive to individual and shared success and impact.

Through our Strategic Plan, the School will harness its energies to continue to deliver high quality education for our students, world class research and publications, and meaningful social change in the Greater Western Sydney and Indo-Pacific regions.

School of Social Sciences Indigenous Strategy

It is important to note that the School has also launched its School of Social Sciences Indigenous Strategy (2020-2025).

The Strategic Plan is best read in conjunction with our Indigenous Strategy – which asserts our position as a leader in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and student recruitment, retention, wellbeing, and success.