Research in the School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences fosters an environment that supports the research activity of academic staff and higher degree research candidates. It is also proud of its productive and cooperative relationships with University research centres in cognate areas.

Strategic Research Collaboration Leads

Criticial Pedagogies: Ana Rodas and Jenna Condie

Cyber Society: Nida Denson and Tamara Watson

Disability Research: tbc

Sexualities and Gender: Lucy Nicholas

Interconnected hands

Challenging Racism Project

Based in Western Sydney, one of the most culturally diverse regions in Australia - the Challenging Racism Project focuses on research that counters racism and improves community relations.

Disaster zone

Humanitarian and Development Research Initiative (HADRI)

HADRI pursues research that highlights the complexity of international responses to conflicts and disasters, and the intersections between the multidimensional health, socio-economic and political aspects of complex emergencies.

Birds-eye view of a city

Urban and Regional Research Program

Aims to advance theoretical and applied knowledge on urban management, liveability and resilience - a critical agenda for a world that is both rapidly urbanising and fast depleting it resources.

Religious text

Religion and Society Research Strand

Explores the richness and diversity of religious traditions and communities both nationally and globally, and consolidates the University's growing research strengths in the social scientific study of religion.

Pride march

Sexualities and Genders Research

An epistemological, pedagogical and ethical project of engaged research with diversity to build ethical relationships among young people and communities in an era of dramatic social, cultural, economic and political change.