Indigenous Strategy 2020 - 2025

Western Sydney University has always been located on Aboriginal land. We value and nurture our relationships with the Indigenous community as an anchor institution that serves Western Sydney. This commitment and pride underpins our core values and beliefs.

The School is committed to fostering Indigenous Australian success across the School’s research, learning and teaching portfolios, staff and student bodies, as well as nurturing community engagement and international collaboration.

The School of Social Sciences’ Indigenous Strategy for 2020 – 2025 (PDF, 1543.5 KB) (opens in a new window) engages with and supports the University’s Indigenous Strategy 2020- 2025, and is a demonstration of the School’s commitment to Indigenous Education and Research.

The School has already made significant progress towards many of the objectives set out in the strategy, in particular in leadership, in employment and student numbers. It is important that the School sees this progress as a foundation for further achievement.

Many of the objectives set out are ambitious but they are deliberately so, as the School aspires to be a leader in Indigenous Education to the benefit of our colleagues, students and the community.

The Indigenous Strategy follows the University’s plan in focusing on strategic objectives in seven areas of Indigenous engagement: students; employment; research; learning and teaching; community engagement; leadership; and cultural viability and knowledge.

The School is deeply committed to the objectives set out within this strategic document and will ensure that achieving those objectives is the responsibility of all in the School.

2020 Indigenous Strategy - Annual Report

The School of Social Sciences 2020 Indigenous Strategy - Annual Report (PDF, 11232.81 KB).(opens in a new window) outlines the great progress that the School of Social Sciences has made great progress in its our Indigenous Strategy for 2020 – 2025 (PDF, 1543.5 KB),(opens in a new window) in the year since it was written and accepted.

2020 was a year of progress and achievement for the School - notably, the symposium ‘#IndigenousLivesMatter: Speaking back/ with Social Sciences’ invigorated the School into a response to the Black Lives Matter Campaign in research, teaching and engagement.

The School also worked with colleagues across the University to provide support to Indigenous students through the time of COVID-19.

The report, rightly, foregrounds the work of Indigenous colleagues but it is also important to acknowledge the strong support of the strategy from all colleagues across the school.