Our People in the School of Social Sciences

Brian Stout 

Professor Brian Stout (opens in a new window)
Dean, School of Social Sciences 

Professor Brian Stout is Dean, School of Social Sciences, Provost, Liverpool Campus and Professor of Social Work.

Professor Stout has a long history of research, teaching and practice in Australia, Europe and South Africa. His most recent book is ‘Community Justice in Australia’ and has carried out research in Australia into interventions with children and young people facilitated by Juvenile Justice, FACS and other agencies. He has a long record of teaching and research in criminal justice, youth justice, probation and social work.  Professor Stout has been involved in developing and delivering training and education for criminal justice professionals in the UK and South Africa and participated in a number of European criminal justice social work projects.  His research has included child justice diversion in South Africa and sex offender public disclosure schemes in the UK.

Professor Stout is an experienced academic leader, recently holding the roles of Deputy Dean and Director Academic Programs for Social Work. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK.

Dean's Unit

Adam Possamai Professor Adam Possamai (opens in a new window)
Deputy Dean 
Gabrielle Drake  Associate Professor Gabrielle Drake (opens in a new window)
Associate Dean (Engagement)
Dr Ana Rodas  Dr Ana Rodas (opens in a new window)
Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) 
Kate Huppatz  Associate Professor Kate Huppatz (opens in a new window)
Associate Dean (Research) 
Peter Bansel  Dr Peter Bansel (opens in a new window)  On Leave
Associate Dean (Higher Degree Research)
Nida Denson Associate Professor Nida Denson (opens in a new window)  Acting
Associate Dean (Higher Degree Research)
Nichole Georgeou  Associate Professor Nichole Georgeou (opens in a new window)
Associate Dean (International and Engagement) 
Sharing role with Professor Joseph Cheer
Prof Joseph Cheer 

Professor Joseph Cheer (opens in a new window)
Associate Dean (International and Engagement)  
Sharing role with Associate Professor Nichole Georgeou

JW Dr Julie Wen (opens in a new window)
Associate Dean International (China)
Dr Rimple Mehta Dr Rimple Mehta (opens in a new window)
Associate Dean International (South and South East Asia)
Dr Corrinne Sullivan Dr Corrinne Sullivan (opens in a new window)
Associate Dean (Indigenous Education)
A Matthews 

Dr Amie Matthews (opens in a new window)
STARS Coordinator & Equity & Diversity Coordinator 

Sky Hugman 

Dr Sky Hugman (opens in a new window) Acting various dates in 2023
STARS Coordinator & Equity & Diversity Coordinator

Kate Linklater Dr Kate Linklater (opens in a new window)
International Student Support
Lauren Marsh  Lauren Marsh
School Manager

Directors of Academic Programs

Awais Piracha  Associate Professor Awais Piracha (opens in a new window)
Geography, Tourism and Planning 
Neil Hall  Dr Neil Hall (opens in a new window)  On Leave
Social Work and Community Welfare 
Hong-Jae Park Dr Hong-Jae Park (opens in a new window)  Acting
Social Work and Community Welfare
Toby Miles-Johnson  Associate Professor Toby Miles-Johnson (opens in a new window)
Criminology and Policing 
Joy Paton  Dr Joy Paton (opens in a new window) On Leave
Art Therapy and Counselling 
A/P Sheridan Linnell Associate Professor Sheridan Linnell (opens in a new window) Acting
Art Therapy and Counselling
Garry Stevens  Dr Garry Stevens (opens in a new window)
Humanitarian and Development Studies
Mary Hawkins  Professor Mary Hawkins (opens in a new window)
Anthropology and Sociology