About the School of Social Sciences

The disciplines and areas of study (opens in a new window) that make up the School of Social Sciences are amongst the most exciting and important in the contemporary university. At Western Sydney University they include:

  • Anthropology
  • Community Welfare and Social Work
  • Criminology
  • Geography and Urban Planning
  • Heritage
  • Humanitarian and Development Studies
  • Policing
  • Social Science
  • Sociology
  • Therapy Studies
  • Tourism Studies

The School of Social Sciences at Western Sydney University delivers excellence in research and teaching and has a robust level of community engagement. The School provides innovative and relevant undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Many of the programs that are managed by the School lead to professional recognition in areas such as Social Work, Counselling, Urban Planning, Policing and Humanitarian work.

We are also proud of our achievements in research training, and offer higher degrees at Masters and Doctoral (PhD) levels.

The School of Social Sciences is committed to build on its reputation through:

  • Conducting cutting-edge research that contributes internationally to the generation of new knowledge and which informs our teaching;
  • Undertaking engaged research that addresses many of the challenges facing contemporary society;
  • Providing high quality undergraduate and postgraduate education for students from Greater Western Sydney and beyond;
  • Offering ground-breaking programs that meet accreditation and industry standards and prepare graduates for professional employment and rewarding careers;
  • Developing stimulating industry and government collaborations in research.

The School offers courses and specialisations that are underpinned by the latest research and provide students with the skills and knowledge to work in a range of professional and vocational fields. The School is a member of the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (opens in a new window)(CHASS), International Association of the Schools of Social Work (opens in a new window)(IASSW), Planning Institute of Australia (opens in a new window) (PIA), the Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (opens in a new window)(CAUTHE), Australian Council for International Development (opens in a new window)(ACFID). Individual staff are members of a number of significant national and international professional associations.