Intelligent Decision-Making

Intelligent Decision Making aims to transform human decision making using emerging and transformational technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data analytics. This theme covers a wide range of research in the areas of machine learning, data mining, robotics and computer vision with diverse applications in health, agriculture, robotics, and smart cities.

Featured Research

Interpretability and Causality in Machine Learning

Hospital Data Analysis Platform

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The focus of the work is on process methodologies and algorithmic methods supporting interpretability and causality in machine learning.

Streamlining hospital data access for clinical decision support and AI research.

Visual Analytics for Flow Cytometry Data

Smart Irrigation Management For Parks And Cool Towns

1928808 Bicentennial Park 

This project research on new and novel visual analytics methods and models to analyze flow cytometry data by blending computational analytics with interactive visualization to provide effective way to assist the diagnosis of cancer patients.

This project develops a new smart technology for Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) to operate the current recycled water irrigation system, integrating real-time environmental sensing with forecasting, scenario modelling and machine learning.

Visual Analytics for biomedical and genomic data

Social Robots in Public Spaces

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In collaboration with Children Hospital's at Westmead and UTS, the project develops new technologies for the extraction of knowledge from both complex biomedical and genomic data and then visualise them in a meaningful and interpretable way.

We investigate the incorporation of social robots in public spaces such as in retail or schools for the purpose of information dissemination. This research ultimately provides interaction models on how robots can behave in such scenarios.