Research at School of Computer, Data and Mathematical Sciences

The School of Computer, Data and Mathematical Sciences has an active research culture which encompasses several research concentrations across Computer Science, Information Systems, Data Science, Mathematics and Statistics.

The School has a culture of interdisciplinary research, focusing on high impact research for the benefit of the Greater Western Sydney region, Australia, and the World.  Topics covered by our research include Information systems supporting United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Health Informatics, Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Systems.

Advanced Enterprise Information Management Systems (AeIMS)

Current Research Projects

  • Moving Businesses Online.
  • Development of an Online eTransformation Guide (eT Guide).
  • Web Application Modelling.
  • Smart Business Objects (SBOs).
  • Automating transformation of requirement specification to object models.
  • Investigating Process Modelling Mechanisms to Measure and Compute Carbon Emission of Organisational Processes
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Artificial Intelligence Research Group (AIRG)

  • Machine learning and AI photography: image-to-image translation using generative adversarial networks, image and photograph aesthetic assessment using deep learning.
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning:  Ontology based reasoning and data query; computational properties of existential rules; knowledge-based reasoning with Big Data; Answer Set Programming (ASP).
  • Intelligent agents: automated negotiation; reasoning about strategy; trading agents.
  • Machine learning: image processing; AI-based real time analysis and self-adaption.
  • Information security: network security; secured data access in shared cloud storage; rule-based access control policies.

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Centre for Research in Mathematics and Data Science

Current Research Themes

  • Algebra and applications
  • Analytical and statistical methods in control theory and biological systems
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Digital Humanities

Current Research Challenges and Opportunities

  • The key challenges facing the digital humanities at this stage of its development are four-fold: to articulate its research agenda as a humanistic and computing discipline; to promote and support fruitful interaction between computational science and the arts and humanities; to link effectively to specialists in new media research; and to bridge the gap to digital cultural studies and the social sciences more generally. Because of its institutional character and history, Western Sydney University has the potential to play a significant international role in all these areas.
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Health Informatics (eHealth)

Current Research Areas

  • Health Information, e.g. personal monitoring, health data mining / analysis, medical images
  • Health Decisions, e.g. computational learning and pattern recognition, smart homes for health, human-computer interaction
  • Health Systems, including care delivery and management, patient journey modelling, wellness promotion
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Networking, Security, and Cloud Research (NSCR)

Current Research Topics

  • ICT and Networking (Wireless and Mobile Networks, Ad hoc Networks, Sensor Networks, Performance Modeling and Analysis, and Application of AI in Networked Systems)
  • Pervasive Computing (Ubiquitous computing and Internet of Things)
  • Security (Traditional Network Security, Reliable Wireless Networks, and Secure Cloud Computing)
  • Grid/Cloud Computing and eResearch (Performance Evaluations, Network-based Education, eHealth, and Workflow Management Systems)
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Telehealth Research and Innovation Lab (THRIL)

Research Areas

  • Health Data Management and Analysis
  • Software Systems for eHealth
  • Intelligent Automated Systems and Human Factors
  • Online, Mobile and Sensor Environments