Foundations, Algorithms and Discovery

Advancements in science and philosophy are not always driven by a need, but driven by a passion to explore the unknown. Abstract systems and models can be used to explore the universe we live in and any other universes that could be. The "Foundations, Algorithms and Discovery" research cluster spans topics within pure and applied maths, statistics and computer science, that advance our knowledge of possibilities and have found applications in biology and artificial intelligence.

Featured Research

Algebraic connections to phylogenetic trees and networks

Noncommutative Algebra

Phylogenetic_tree-of-life Noncommutative Algebra 

Phylogenetic trees and networks are common ways to represent historical evolutionary relationships among species. This project explores recently developed connections between algebraic structures and these evolutionary graphs.

This project deals with the behaviour of discrete structures. More concretely it addresses graphs and the algebraic structures one can associate to them and the interrelations between them.