Computing for Sustainability and Equality

With talent and opportunities comes responsibility. We believe that computing for sustainability and equality to be two essential goals to improve our world. We are committed to fostering a culture of acceptance and diversity regardless of gender, race, religion, status or socio-economic background. Much of our research focuses on using computer, data and math skills to improve equality and driving sustainable solutions for difficult challenges. We work in food security, empowering women in STEM, essential resource management for water, data mapping for global warming, pandemics, and mental health, and digital technologies for health – to name but a few.

Featured Research

Help Reduce the road toll for Animals! Applied AI Technology to the rescue

Virtual Dreaming
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The study developed an Applied AI tool to detect animals on the roads and the visible surroundings, from fast-moving videos and temporal and spatial data.

Virtual simulation of the life of First People of the Dharug clan, living in the pre-contact era in the Parramatta basin.

Mobile Based Information System To Combat Hidden Hunger

Sustainable equitable energy

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The project explores how information systems can be used to address the problem of hidden hunger (insufficient consumption of essential nutrients) in rural African communities.

The goal of this project is to forecast next day hourly demand electricity load to optimize the use of hydropower, lower costs and consider renewables.

Air Quality Best Practices for Councils

Geo-spatio-temporal data analysis for equitable, sustainable global health

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This project develops standards, best practices and technologies that enable low-cost environmental sensors to be used in conjunction with existing monitoring networks to enhance air quality.

Environmental and climate change monitoring evaluating environmental impacts on public health to promote equitable and sustainable global health. The project explores case studies in Asthma, Diabetes, Obesity and Cataract.