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Professor Simeon Simoff, Dean

Simeon Simoff

Simeon Simoff is the Dean of Computer, Data and Mathematical Sciences and Professor of Information Technology at Western Sydney University, where he has accumulated over a decade of experience in leadership roles. He also holds the role of Lead Dean,  Information and Communications Technology for the University. Prior to joining the University in July 2008, he was Professor of Information Technology, and Founder and Co-Director of the international e-Markets Research Lab in the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Technology Sydney.

Simeon’s walk of life spans across a range of fields, including computer science, creative intelligence, design computing and cognition, data science, applied mathematics and artificial intelligence (AI). He holds BSc/MSc Hons degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and PhD in Computer Science. He has had senior appointments at the École Polytechnique de l'Université de Nantes (France), the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Research of the Spanish Research Council (IIIA-CSIC), Aalborg University (Denmark), Free University of Bolzano-Bozen (Italy), University of Trento (Italy) and Middle East Technical University (Turkey).

His research has delivered practical outcomes across the fields of artificial intelligence (the ‘curious negotiator’ technology), data science (the CEDA analytics technology), human-computer systems (the form-semantics-function technology), design computing and virtual reality (the believability technology).Much of it has been supported by $8.3 millions of competitive grant funding. He has published more than 340 publications including a seminal monograph, and several edited books and has supervised over 20 PhD students. His current work is focused on interpretable machine learning, explainable AI, and the intersection of visualisation and AI. Simeon has established and led the growth of several early international conference and workshop series in data science, including the ACM SIGKDD Multimedia Data Mining workshop series and the Australasian Data Mining Conference series. He is the founding co-director of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), which in 2019 was acquired as a leading data-driven association by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). He regularly serves in chair or in steering/program committee roles at leading international events in the fields. He has served on review panels for several national research funding agencies across Australia and New Zealand, Europe and Asia. He served on ERA 2012 Research Evaluation Committee on Mathematics, Information and Computing Sciences.  Since 2015 he is on the editorial board of Tailor and Francis Interdisciplinary Science Reviews - a quarterly journal that aims to explore the social, philosophical and historical interrelations of the natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, medicine and technology with the social sciences, humanities and arts.

Currently Simeon is Deputy President/President Elect of the Australian Council of Deans of Information and Communications Technology (ACDICT). He serves on the ACS Technical Advisory Board (AI and Ethics Committee) and on the International Federation for Information Processing Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence (IFIP TC12). He is Fellow of the Royal Society of New South Wales and the Institute of Engineers Australia.

Andrew Francis

Professor Andrew Francis, Deputy Dean

Professor Francis joined Western Sydney in 2000 after studying at the Universities of NSW and Sydney, and a postdoctoral position at the University of Virginia.  He began his role as Deputy Dean in 2020 after serving as Director of the Centre for Research in Mathematics and Data Science (2015-2019), and a period as an Australian Research Council Future Fellow (2011-2014).

Professor Francis’s research is mainly in applications of discrete and combinatorial mathematics to problems in biology.  His training is in pure mathematics (specifically algebra), and the applications he works have chiefly been to phylogenetics, epidemiology, bacterial genome structure, and statistics.  In addition to his ARC Future Fellowship, he has held four ARC Discovery Projects.  He has served on the Council of the Australian Mathematical Society (2012-14), on the ARC Research Evaluation Committee for the 2015 and 2018 Excellence in Research for Australia exercises, and is currently a member of the ARC College of Experts (2018-2020).

Associate  Dean  InternationalProfessor Alana Maurushat02 9685 9665
Associate  Dean  International - SouthEast Asia - (pending approval)Dr Simi Bajaj02 9685 9382
Associate  Dean  International - China - (pending approval)Dr  Yi Guo02 9685 9374
Associate Dean, EngagementDr Anupama Ginige02 9685 9439
Associate Dean, Graduate StudiesA/Professor Dongmo Zhang02 4736 0009
Associate Dean, Learning and TeachingA/Professor Ana Hol02 9685 9615
Associate Dean, ResearchDr Rodrigo Neves Calheiros02 9685 9135
Director, Centre for Research in Mathematics and Data ScienceA/Professor Oliver Obst – Acting02 9685 9429


Bachelor Information and Communications Technology ‐Undergraduate

Director of Academic ProgramDr Tomas Trescak02 9685 4744 
Academic Course Advisor - Undergraduate ‐ CampbelltownDr Evan Crawford02 4620 3834
Academic Course Advisor -Undergraduate ‐ ParramattaDr Nicholas Sheppard02 9685 9585
Academic Course Advisor -Undergraduate & Computer Science ‐ PenrithDr Jiansheng Huang02 4736  0318

Bachelor of Computer Science

Director of Academic ProgramA/Professor Yun Bai02 4736 2335
Academic Course Advisor - ParramattaDr Zhuhan Jiang02  9685 9336

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship

Director of Academic ProgramDr Anton Bogdanovych02 9685 9180

Bachelor & Master of Data  Science

Director of Academic ProgramA/Professor Laurence Park02 9685 9065
Academic Course AdvisorDr Rosalind Wang02 9685 9232

Bachelor  of  Information Systems

Director of Academic ProgramDr Simi Bajaj02 9685 9382
Academic Course Advisor - ParramattaDr Nicholas Sheppard02 9685 9585

Master of Artificial Intelligence

Director of Academic ProgramProfessor Yan Zhang02 4736 0746

Master of Information and Communications Technology, Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology Advanced & Master of Information Governance

Director of Academic Program PG ICTDr Quang Vinh Nguyen02 9685 9328
Academic Course AdvisorDr Ante Prodan02 9685 9391

Mathematics and Statistics

Director of Academic ProgramA/Professor Volker Gebhardt02 4736 2688
Academic Course Advisor (BSc Mathematical Sciences) Mr Neil Hopkins02 9685  9166
Director of Academic Program - Interdisciplinary TeachingDr Stephen Weissenhofer02 4620 3404
Academic Course Advisor - Interdisciplinary TeachingMr Neil Hopkins02  9685  9166

Master of Research and  MICT (Research)

DDirector of Academic Program MICT (Research)Dr Quang Vinh Nguyen02 9685 9328 
Academic Course AdvisorDr Omar Mubin02 9685 9684

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