Maja Podinic, Bartier Perry Scholarship recipient

Maja Podinic
Bachelor of Business (Advanced Business Leadership) / Bachelor of Laws
Bartier Perry Scholarship

"The scholarship has been a huge help financially. It has been challenging coming from school where one year’s fees, was $120, to first year university where one textbook alone is $120."

"The benefits haven’t just been financial, having people, lawyers, at Bartier Perry who believe in me and what I want to do, has given me so much confidence in myself."

"Having that support network really motivates me to complete my degree."

Pierre Goorkiz, medical graduate

Pierre Goorkiz
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
Rotary Club of Narellan Medical Scholarship

"Narellan Rotary is a huge sponsor of medical research within the Western Sydney region, and at Western Sydney University."

"The financial assistance meant that I had more time to spend with my team at the hospital, which allowed me to learn skills and behaviours that will hopefully shape me into being a very competent junior doctor."

Law graduate Maryam Noori

Maryam Noori
Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of Laws
Academic Excellence Scholarship
Bartier Perry Scholarship

"As part of the mentoring offered by the scholarship, I had access to a breadth of professionals and reported directly to a lawyer with over 35 years’ experience."

"It’s really important to do well academically, but it’s also critical to gain practical experience throughout.

"The best thing about working at Bartier Perry is that you’re working for a firm that is progressive and proactive in responding to the disproportionately low number of females in leadership roles."

Bailey Davis

Bailey Davis
Bachelor of Medical Science
Hawkesbury City Council Scholarship

"Receiving this scholarship has provided me with extensive opportunities that would otherwise have been missed."

"As I am in charge of the financial aspect of my education, this award allows me to invest more into my education. [(It]) provides a significant contribution to the financial burden of university, allowing me to focus on achieving my goals and giving back to the community."

Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Scholarship recipient, Matilda Harry

Matilda Harry
Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary) Dean's Scholar
Bachelor of Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking
Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Scholarship
Western Sydney University Community Scholarship

"There is nothing more rewarding than helping others learn. Everyone deserves an education and from what I've seen during my time in the Northern Territory, children in these remote communities face a great disadvantage."

"Being financially supported has definitely taken the pressure off me. As an 18 year old, living in a single-income home, it has given me more opportunities to spend time volunteering and with my family."

Laurence Cole, scholarship recipient

Laurence Cole
Bachelor of Community and Social Development
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Achievement Scholarship
Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship

"Having two scholarships has helped me a lot. I work with Indigenous secondary students at a local high school on literacy and reading. I always tell them you are never too old – just look at me – and to never give up."

"You always have a chance to do well, most people just need a little bit of support."