Scholarship Groups

There are three groups of scholarships available for students at Western Sydney University:

  • Group A scholarships are those funded by the University;
  • Group B are those funded by Donors; and
  • Group C scholarships are those provided by the Commonwealth of Australia, or an Australian State or Territory.

Students can hold two scholarships concurrently from Group A and B - they must be from a different group.

Additionally, external organisations may offer scholarships that fall outside of these groups - refer to External Scholarships for more information.

Group A: University Funded Scholarships

All (Group A) University Funded Scholarships require the scholarship recipient to either reside in and/or have undertaken their Higher School Certificate (HSC) or International Baccalaureate (IB) within Western Sydney. The following types of scholarships are offered within this group:

  • Leadership and Academic Scholarships - Western Sydney University is committed to providing students with a contemporary learning environment. To further this aim, the University has introduced a number of scholarship opportunities based on a combination of academic achievement and leadership qualities. Learn more here(opens in a new window).
  • Honours Scholarships - Honours Scholarships provide opportunities for exceptional students who have demonstrated academic excellence in their studies, and are either undertaking or intending to commence their Bachelor Honours year at Western Sydney University. Learn more here (opens in a new window).
  • Sports Scholarships - The University offers Sports Scholarships to new and continuing students. Learn more here (opens in a new window).
  • Opportunity Scholarships - The University is committed to providing a number of scholarship opportunities, to support access for talented students from equity and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. Apply through the University Admission Centre (UAC) (opens in a new window)
  • Indigenous Scholarships - Western Sydney University aims to encourage academically gifted Australian Indigenous students who are either commencing or continuing their tertiary education. Apply through the University Admission Centre (UAC) (opens in a new window)

For more information on University funded scholarships, visit the Find a Scholarship page

Group B: Donor Funded Scholarships

The University annually awards donor funded scholarships, providing support for students based on both academic achievement and equity considerations. This funding is made possible through the generous support of our donors, who may be an alumnus, business, individual, Council or other organisation with an interest in the University.

To view the variety of Donor Funded Scholarships, visit the Find a Scholarship page for more information.

When applications are open, you can apply online using the Group B: Donor Funded Scholarships Application form

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Group C:  Commonwealth Scholarships

This group includes scholarships that are funded by the Commonwealth of Australia, or an Australian State or Territory. The current scholarships are:

  • Commonwealth Scholarships (CS) for Indigenous Students - Application is via Universities Admission Centre (UAC).(opens in a new window) The two main types of scholarship are the Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship to assist students with general education costs and the Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship to assist students who have to relocate from regional and remote areas to attend higher education with accommodation costs.
  • Commonwealth Indigenous Access Scholarships for Indigenous students enrolled in an enabling course. These Scholarships, representing a once-in-a-lifetime scholarship opportunity, are available to Indigenous students to assist them to access higher education. Each Scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis. Application is required via Universities Admission Centre (UAC).(opens in a new window)
  • Government Equity Scholarships - Two types of Government Equity Scholarships are available to higher education students to assist with costs of studying and living away from home. You don't need to apply for these scholarships as Department of Human Services will pay them directly to eligible recipients.
    For more information visit the Department of Human Services website.(opens in a new window)

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