Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for scholarships?

Students can apply for any scholarship for which they meet the eligibility criteria. All scholarships have their own individual eligibility criteria and students should read the eligibility criteria before making an application. Some of the criteria may include being enrolled in a particular area of study, residential location, applying to study in a particular course, equity considerations etc.

How do I apply for scholarships?

Links to the scholarship application portals are located at the bottom of each open scholarship.

There are two application forms. To ensure you are considered for all scholarships you may be eligible for, please submit

We will ask you a range of questions, and once we know more about you, we will assess your eligibility for each available scholarship in that category.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

There is no need to apply for each individual scholarship separately. By submitting one application through the Western Sydney University scholarship form (for Indigenous, High Potential and Asylum Seeker Scholarships), and one application through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)  Equity Scholarships form (for Equity Scholarships) your eligibility will be assess for each available scholarship in that category.

The scholarship I want to apply for isn't open?

Scholarship applications open twice a year, in Autumn and Spring.

  • The University together with our donors offers a variety of scholarships every year. Please note that not every scholarship will be available at every intake and that the University reserves the right at all times to withdraw, amend or vary criteria of scholarships.
  • How are scholarship recipients selected?

    Each scholarship has stringent selection criteria and the scholarship is awarded to the applicant who best meets the criteria. Selection for some scholarships may require approval by the relevant donor or selection committee and may involve an interview with the donor or selection committee.

    Criteria can include; academic merit, Grade Point Average (GPA) or Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR), equity criteria (financial hardship, sole parent/carer, non-English speaking background, medical condition/disability, Indigenous, etc), location (rural or isolated), personal attributes, performance at interview or a combination of selection criteria.

    Each scholarship page lists the selection criteria.

    Can I be awarded more than one scholarship?

    There are three groups of scholarships available for students.
    • Group A scholarships are those funded by the University
    • Group B are those funded by Donors
    • Group C scholarships are those provided by the Commonwealth of Australia, or an Australian State or Territory.

    Students can hold two scholarships concurrently from Group A and B - they must be from a different group.

    What happens if I am awarded a scholarship?

    Once the applications have been assessed and the outcomes are known all applicants are notified via email. In the majority of cases, offers are made within six weeks of the scholarship closing date. In exceptional circumstances or for donor-funded scholarships this may take longer.

    An official offer letter and scholarship acceptance/agreement form will be sent to you. Once you have read the scholarship Terms and Conditions and if you agree to them, you must complete and return the agreement form to the Scholarships Unit by the date indicated in your offer letter. If the agreement is not received by the due date, it may be assumed that you do not wish to accept the scholarship and it will be offered to another candidate.

    To find out if a scholarship has been awarded this session, please check the Availability status in the scholarship table of the corresponding scholarship category page.

    If I am awarded a scholarship, am I also awarded admission to a course?

    Obtaining a scholarship does not guarantee your offer to a course. Information about how to apply for admission to Western Sydney University can be found on the Future Students webpage.

    I was awarded a scholarship partway through my degree, will this impact payments?

    Scholarships are available for new and continuing students. As a continuing student, you could be awarded a scholarship partway through your degree.

    Payments commence from the semester the scholarship was awarded in. Scholarship payments will not be made retrospectively.

    What are the enrolment conditions for my scholarship?

    Each scholarship has its own enrolment conditions, and you should refer to your Terms and Conditions for the relevant enrolment for your scholarship. Students who are approved for a scholarship for full-time enrolment only must remain enrolled as a full-time student throughout the duration of their scholarship. Part-time enrolment (minimum 20 credit points per semester) may be approved in exceptional circumstances.

    Students who are approved for a scholarship for full-time or part-time enrolment (minimum of 20 credit points) must remain enrolled as a full-time or part-time student throughout the duration of their scholarship.

    Can I defer my scholarship or take a leave of absence?

    Some scholarships are able to be deferred for up to twelve months for either course deferral or leave of absence. Refer to the Terms and Conditions of your scholarship to confirm if you can defer your scholarship.

    Defer Scholarship: To defer a scholarship, return the completed scholarship agreement form by the due date as stated on the offer letter and notify the Scholarships Unit of your deferment and new start date.

    Leave of Absence: Notify the Scholarships Unit of your approved leave of absence, providing the start and end date.

    What will happen if I change my enrolment details during the scholarship period?

    You must contact the Scholarships Unit in this instance.

    When and how do I receive payment for my scholarship

    Scholarship payments are made after the Census date for the relevant teaching session once enrolment requirements are confirmed. Payment is made in the form of electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly deposited into a nominated bank account.

    How can I spend the scholarship money?

    Scholarships are intended to assist students with costs relating to study and some scholarships stipulate how the funds are to be used, i.e. payment of fees. If a scholarship does not stipulate how funds are to be spent, they are able to be spent on study related expenses at the students discretion.

    How do I update my bank details?

    If you have changed your bank details, ensure you download and complete the scholarships bank form PDF, 110.59 KB (Opens in a new window) and email it to from your student email account as soon as possible.

    Can I transfer courses and retain my scholarship?

    In some instances, you will be able to transfer courses and retain your scholarship. Refer to the Terms and Conditions of your scholarship, or contact the Scholarships Unit for advice regarding whether you can transfer courses and retain your scholarship.

    Can I apply for another scholarship if I transfer my course of study?

    If you are approved to undertake a course transfer within the University and your previous scholarship period has expired, then you may apply for another scholarship.

    Will my scholarship affect my eligibility for Department of Human Services benefits?

    If you need advice on whether your scholarship will affect your Department of Human Services benefits, refer to the Department of Human Services website (opens in a new window).

    Will my scholarship have taxation implications?

    If you have a question about how your scholarship will affect your taxable income, you need to seek advice from your financial adviser in regards to your own personal circumstances. Additional information is available from the Australian Taxation Office.(opens in a new window)

    In what circumstances can my scholarship be terminated?

    Your scholarship will be terminated if:
    • You cease to meet the eligibility criteria; or
    • Once the full quota of payments for the scholarship have been paid; or
    • If you are found guilty of misconduct; or
    • If you fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress as stipulated on your Scholarship Terms and Conditions.

    If you are aggrieved with a decision, in the first instance seek explanatory feedback from the Scholarships Unit. If you are dissatisfied with the explanation required, you can make an appeal within 15 working days of the termination of your scholarship.