Scholarship Application Information

How to Apply

Western Sydney University coursework scholarships have recently moved to a ‘one application’ approach. The reason for this change is outlined below:

Simplified process: it simplifies the scholarship application process for you. There is no need to consider which scholarship you may be eligible for. We assess what you may be eligible for.
Timesaving: it allows you to be considered for multiple scholarships with just one application, saving you time and effort.
Access to more scholarships: you have access to more scholarships than you would if you had applied for each scholarship separately.
Increased chances of success: by being considered for all scholarships available, you increase your chances of success.
Consistency: it ensures that all scholarship applications are assessed using the same criteria and process. This can ensure fairness and consistency in the scholarship selection process.

Points to consider when preparing your application

  • It is strongly recommended that you review your answers before submitting your application as you will not be able to make any changes once submitted.
  • Read the Supporting Documentation page to find out what and how to submit your supporting documentation.
  • Get your applications in by the due date - we will not accept late applications.
  • Refer to the Scholarships page which includes important dates.
  • New scholarships come up all the time, so it is worth keeping up to date with the scholarships that you are eligible for. Keep an eye on our website for further opportunities throughout the year.
  • Don't forget that you also have to apply for admission to the University. Obtaining and accepting a scholarship does not guarantee you an offer to a course. Information on how to apply to a course can be accessed from the Future Students site.

What happens once you submit a scholarship application

Each scholarship has stringent selection criteria and the applicant who best meets the selection criteria and who is approved by the relevant donor or selection criteria will be offered the scholarship. In some cases, this may involve an interview with the donor or selection committee.

Once the applications have been assessed, successful applicants will be notified via email. In the majority of cases, offers are made within six weeks of the scholarship closing date. In exceptional circumstances or for donor-funded scholarships this may take longer.

To find out if a scholarship has been awarded this session, please check the Availability status in the scholarship table of the corresponding scholarship category page.

What happens if I am awarded a Scholarship

Applicants will receive notification of the outcome via their student email account or the email address they have provided on their application form. An official offer, conditions of the scholarship, and a scholarship acceptance/agreement form will be sent to scholarship recipients by email and the signed documentation must be returned by email or mail by the due date specified.