Information for Current Scholarship Students

The following information is provided for current scholarship recipients. For additional information or if you have a question, please contact the Scholarships Unit.

Enrolment Information

  • Students who are approved for a Scholarship for full-time enrolment only (minimum of 30 credit points per semester) must remain enrolled as a full-time student throughout the duration of their scholarship. Part-time enrolment (minimum 20 credit points per semester) may be approved in exceptional circumstances, contact the Scholarships Unit for more information. Note that students who are not approved for part-time study may have their scholarship deferred (for a maximum of 12 months) until such time as they return to full-time study.
  • Students who are approved for a Scholarship for full-time or part-time enrolment (minimum of 20 credit points) must remain enrolled as a full-time or part-time student throughout the duration of their scholarship.
  • Scholarship deferment - Please check the Terms and Conditions of your Scholarship.

Scholarship Payment Information

  • Scholarship payments will be made after confirmation of your enrolment - approximately four weeks after the relevant Census Date
  • Payment will be by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into recipients nominated Bank Account.
  • If you need to change your bank account details fill out the Bank Details Form PDF, 110.59 KB (Opens in a new window) and return to from your Student Email Account.

Scholarships and Department of Human Services Benefits

Scholarships and Taxation

  • If you have a question about how your scholarship will affect your taxable income, you need to seek advice from your financial adviser in regards to your own personal circumstances. Additional information is accessible from the Australian Taxation Office (opens in a new window).

Scholarship Termination

Your Scholarship will be terminated if:

  • You cease to meet the eligibility criteria; or
  • Once the full quota of payments of the scholarship have been paid; or
  • If you are found guilty of academic misconduct; or
  • If you fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress as stipulated on your Scholarship Terms and Conditions.

If you are aggrieved with a decision, in the first instance seek explanatory feedback from the Scholarships Unit. If you are dissatisfied with the explanation provided, you can make an appeal within 15 working days of termination of your scholarship.