Inherent requirements for Education and Teaching

These inherent requirements apply to the following courses:


Inherent requirements

The Western Sydney University School of Education (SoE) strongly supports the right of all people to pursue a postgraduate course in initial teacher education in the SoE to achieve their potential and career objectives. The School is committed to making reasonable adjustments to teaching and learning, assessment, professional experience and other activities to address the impact of students' disabilities so that they are able to participate in their course.

To support potential and current students' decision making a series of inherent requirement statements has been developed. These statements specify the requirements of the postgraduate teacher education courses for student admission and progression, with aspects associated with the study and the professional practice of teaching.

The study and practice of teaching requires respect for diversity, knowledge of theories, legislation, policies and procedures, effective communication, inter-personal, critical thinking and problem solving skills and stamina, to effectively work with children/young people, their families and communities.

These courses offered by the SoE are accredited with the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) (opens in a new window) and certify that graduates meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Successful completion of the course enables you to apply for registration as a teacher with the NESA (opens in a new window).

Course Accreditation and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers require the successful completion of a prescribed minimum amount of professional experience in a variety of contexts.

Students therefore, are required to undertake learning activities over the duration of their course in a range of diverse and complex education and community settings including mixed gender environments, which reflect Australian social and educational contexts.

Master of Teaching (Birth to 5 Years/Birth to 12 Years)

This course is further accredited with the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) (opens in a new window) under the Education and Care Services national legislation. The National Quality Framework establishes standards of practice for those working in early childhood settings, which students must adhere to these when on professional placement. This course is also accredited with the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities and is subject to the current NSW Legislation for Children's Services.

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Inherent Requirements
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