Policy Development and Review Resources

The following resources are available to assist policy authors in the development of Western Sydney University policies which are all published via Policy DDS.

A Guide to Developing Policies at Western Sydney University

A Guide to Developing Policies at Western Sydney University (PDF, 161.81 KB) (opens in a new window) gives an overview of the steps to be taken in the development of University policies.

Policy Development and Review Cycle

This Policy Development and Review Cycle diagram (PDF, 12.64 KB) (opens in a new window) outlines the different stages in the Policy Development and Review Cycle.

Policy, Procedure and Guideline Policy

This Policy Framework Policy provides the framework for the development, approval and publication of University-wide policies, procedures and guidelines.

Policy Format and Template

The University has adopted a standard policy format (opens in a new window) which must be used for the publication of all policies. The formatting and style is an integral part of the policy publication system and generates the side contents (or menu) section of the policies. Documents cannot be loaded into the policy system unless they are correctly formatted.

The Policy and Governance Unit has developed a pre-formatted MS Word Policy Template that can be used by policy authors. It requires some training to use which can be obtained by contacting the Policy and Governance Unit. Alternatively authors can prepare documents in MS Word and submit them to the Policy and Governance Unit for formatting prior to general distribution to upload into the Policy DDS.