Vice-President (People and Advancement)

Angelo Kourtis

Angelo Kourtis

Angelo Kourtis has been a member of the Western Sydney University community since 1986, as a student, graduate and as a member of staff. Commencing as a University staff member in the role of Course Information Officer in 1992, he held a number of senior marketing and student recruitment roles before being appointed to the position of Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students) in October 2011 and Vice-President (People and Advancement) in March 2015.

Angelo Kourtis is a member of the University Executive team, a member of the Academic Senate, the Senate Education Committee, and is on the Board of Directors for TVS (Television Sydney) and The College.

Angelo has led the development and refinement of the student lifecycle strategy at Western Sydney University. This strategy seeks to reflect the long term 'journey' students embark on when aspiring to higher education. The student lifecycle comprises three phases of the student experience: a prospective student phase, a current student phase and an alumni phase. The framework seeks to identify 'moments of truth' opportunities where students will be encouraged to see school-to-university as a seamless transition, with more aspiring to higher education, and many increasing their knowledge and capacity, preparedness for university participation and success, and enhanced future life opportunities, including becoming engaged citizens of their communities. Therefore the lifecycle strategy seeks to inform these 'moments of truth' with context and conditions where students can identify with and develop capacity in civic engagement.

Angelo promotes and advocates the importance of service learning which incorporates community work into the curriculum. Service learning should be regarded as critical pedagogy which recognises the community as being both a site and a source of learning. It provides students with real-world experiences that enhance their academic learning, while providing a tangible benefit for the community.

Angelo has played a leading role at Western Sydney University and in the University sector. He has lead the development of contact management systems, established the University Call Centre and led the development of the Higher Education Recruitment Marketing and Enquiry System (HERMES). Angelo has presented papers at conferences and seminars, nationally and internationally, on the integration of marketing principles with customer relationship systems and the relationship between brand equity and customer service breakdown.

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