1990 – First University Staff Conference, Blackheath.
University of Sydney gifts UWS with a ceremonial mace, designed by Larsen and Lewers. Brian Smith establishes and chairs Aboriginal Education Policy Committee.
First attempt at a cross-University Aboriginal Education program.
MultiFunction Polis and Technology Park proposed for Werrington South.
All campuses remark on substantial increases in student demand.
Student numbers pass 10,000.
Hawkesbury establishes a Business program under Roger Juchau and a Hospitality progam.
First Honours degrees introduced.
Draft of the McColl Report raises concerns about sustainability of Agriculture at Hawkesbury.
UWS nursing academics join protests against Commonwealth attempts to return nurse education to hospitals.
University publishes its first Research Plan.
First Foundation Chairs appointed: Herb Marsh (Education), Colm Kearney (Economics),  Brian Andrew (Accounting), Roger Juchau (Accounting and Management).
Owen Carter dies.

1991 – Official opening of refitted Frogmore House by the Governor General (Bill Hayden) as the Chancellery.
Approaches to UWS Nepean and UWS Hawkesbury see development of cooperative degree programs with regional theological colleges.
AVCC produce ‘Foundations for a Clever Country’ policy, supporting ‘user pays’ approaches.
A Nursing Research and Practice Unit was established at Liverpool Hospital with SWSAHS.
First UWS Nepean National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants to Tom Millar.
University’s first perpetually funded chair established: Vincent Fairfax Chair of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Owen Carter Memorial Chapel translocated from St Paul’s Anglican Church, Agnes Banks.
Hawkesbury Agricultural College (HAC) Centenary marked by celebrations featuring the Prime Minister and the Governor General in Richmond and special ‘curtain raiser’ rugby test with Duntroon.
Richmond TAFE moves onto HAC’s campus.

1992 – Nurses’ Registration Board fixes the normal registration requirement at bachelors’ degree level. Commonwealth funding followed the next year.
Greater Western Sydney (GWS) regional first preferences for the University of Western Sydney (UWS) pass 70%.
Recession sees higher application and acceptance rates, leading to almost continuous overenrolment of the university for the next decade.
Chapman Review affects student living allowances, sparking protests on campuses.
Federal Police raid UWS Nepean campus searching for student hackers.
First pan-university ‘Research Institute’ (on the Development of International Trade) set up.
UWS registers at the bottom of the list of Australian university totals of ‘public research grants received’.
Hawkesbury produces the University’s first PhD graduate (Sharyn Armstrong).
Wyung Aboriginal liaison office opened at Hawkesbury.

1993 – University enrolment stands at 16,000 EFT.
George Rosier’s Total Quality Management Pilot Project on the University’s administration.
First Committee for Quality Assurance in Higher Education visit to UWS.
University telecommunications system established: enables ‘least cost routing’.
Industrial action on campuses interrupts examinations.
Brian Smith meets with Greater Western Sydney regional politicians to protest about projected Commonwealth caps on enrolment and research funding.
Graham Swain retires.

1994 – Extensive bushfires through the Blue Mountains cause Hawkesbury campus to be opened as a refuge and fire fighting base.
First report of the Committee for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.
‘New Humanities’ established by Prof. Bob Hodge at UWS Hawkesbury.
Macarthur expands its Therapeutic Sciences, appointing Anne Cusick from Cumberland campus of the University of Sydney, who introduces Occupational Therapy as the first of a series of Allied Health concentrations (including Podiatry, etc).
National Review of Nurse Education with Prof. Janice Reid as Chair, visits UWS campuses.
Opening of new Chifley Engineering Building at Kingswood. CQAHE’s 1994 Report reflects UWS difficulties in operating as a federation.
Brian Smith announces that he will not seek an extension of his contract: search for a new Vice Chancellor commences.

1995 – Deryck Schreuder takes office as second Vice Chancellor of UWS.
University enrols over 22,000 students.
Election of the Carr Labor government in NSW.
Crean Education ministry freezes university expenditure.
Law Building on Campbelltown campus, partially funded by local legal firms such as Marsden’s Law Group, opened by Sir Anthony Mason CJ.
New Parramatta campus announced.
Handover ceremony for the Nirimba campus.
Nepean Secession attempt.
Fay Lo Po calls for review of the federated university system in Sydney’s West.
DVCs unitedly support the federated system, supported by the State and Federal Ministers for Education (Crean and Aquilina).
Jill Maling circulates to press Academic Committee’s support for separation.
Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees.
Jill Maling resigns.
First meeting of the ‘Committee to Review the Structure’ (‘Rogers Committee’).
Rogers Committee hands down final report.
Brian MacKenzie appointed PVC at Hawkesbury.

1996 – Election of the Howard Coalition government in Canberra. Vanstone Ministry foreshadows significant cuts in higher education expenditure and new user-pays and competitive funding arrangements.
Hoare Report on University Governance.
Restructure of Office of the Vice-Chancellor (OVC) and renovations to Frogmore House to cater for expanded central administration.
The Future of UWS into the 21st Century released.
Chris Duke appointed Member President of UWS Nepean.
Law commences at Kingswood.

1997 – Turbott announces that Deryck Schreuder will be transferring to the University of Western Australia and that the position would be advertised.
University of Western Sydney Act 1997 institutes restructure of the University to three non-corporate Members with Councils chaired by Deputy Chancellors.
West Review drafts begin to emerge.
UWS Macarthur abolishes Student Representative Council, leading to protests at Bankstown and Campbelltown. 

1998 – Janice Reid takes up the role of Third Vice-Chancellor.
John Clark announces retirement.
Westmead South precinct sold back to NSW Government.
Thoroughgoing restructure of UWS Hawkesbury.
Teaching begins on Parramatta campus.
School ‘Compacts’ pathway to university entry trialled at UWS Nepean.
Wicken Review of OVC.
Student protests over proposals for the introduction of fee-paying places.
‘Agenda 2000’ circulated.
Higher Degree Research students only three per cent of UWS student load, well below leading university averages.

1999 – ‘Group of Eight’ Universities formalised.
West Review results propose significant cuts to UWS enrolments and research income.
Threats of Voluntary Student Unionism endanger student services and associations.
UWS Nepean significantly over-enrolled over target. Staff student ratios blow out.
Reid produces ‘Fork in the Road’ statement about the need for unification of the Members into a more efficient, singular organisation.
David Barr goes on long service leave, prior to retirement.
Reid produces The Shape of the Future and The Shaping of the Future.
Bernard Carey becomes last Member President of UWS Hawkesbury.
Student occupation of administration buildings (Bankstown campus).