What are the benefits of Pathways?

Articulated TE pathways are designed to maximise the benefit to students entering the university, take the pressure away from the application process as an offer is guaranteed and to ensure that all students who complete a VET or other higher education college qualification receive the same credit.

As such, the main benefits of accessing formal pathways are that you know upfront that you are guaranteed an offer to Western Sydney University and that your studies (diploma and above) will earn you assured credit towards your degree. This means a saving in time and money as you will not have to complete university units where you have covered the same material in your VET or higher education course.

The knowledge that you will receive a guaranteed offer means that you can plan in advance your transition to university. You are able to prepare yourself for university as you study in your VET or higher education course and make use of available resources and preparation programs. There are many tools and guides you can access prior to commencing your degree studies and we provide more specific details on this for you in the Support and Resources for VET Students section of this website.