What is a TE Pathway?

Western Sydney University offers you a range of formalised Tertiary Education (TE) pathways into popular University degrees. These TE pathways are established agreements between TAFE, private Vocational Educational and Training (VET) or higher education providers that generally give guaranteed entry and credit transfer from your vocational/higher education studies towards a related degree.  Credit transfer is sometimes also known as advanced standing, credit for prior learning or recognition of prior learning (RPL). For many popular Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas these pathways to the University are pre-negotiated, so you can find out in advance if an offer of a place is guaranteed and what credit you will be eligible to receive for your previous studies.

We have a large number of TE pathways to degree programs. All of these are listed in this TE Pathways and Partnerships website. Here you can check if your program has an established pathway and the credit attached. You can even apply for your credit online. Find out more by searching for the degree you would like to study, or by searching the VET program you have completed.

If you cannot see your program listed on the formal pathways section of this website do not be concerned, the university still considers VET and other higher education studies for admission, regardless of the area of study in relation to the degree being applied for. In other words, you should still lodge an application through UAC if you have completed VET/higher education studies and want to progress to university. If your application is successful and you receive an offer it is recommended, where your completed qualification and chosen degree are in the same broad subject area, that you submit an application for Credit for Prior Learning to be assessed for any credit you may be eligible to receive.